Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Transfer time is here...I'm not good with goodbyes!


Well first off we had transfer calls on Saturday night. It was sad because I knew this would mean sister Zwick was going home and leaving me. My new companion will be coming from Fayetville. I went on a exchange with her once. She is a little different from Sister Zwick so well see how that goes. I'm not sure how she will feel about coming to my bed bug apartment. That will be fun! It will also be her last transfer which means I will probably get to stay another 2 transfer here in beautiful Glenville New York! That was my favorite part about transfer calls. Its going to be really hard to send Sister Zwick home. We have become best friends these past three months. I will miss her so much!

This week a women in the ward I'm serving in past away. She was in her 60's and had very bad health. We had met her when we first got here and she loved the missionaries. She was the sweetest woman! The family loved our song we sang last Sunday so they asked us to sing at the funeral. I felt a little weird and thought we would be intruding, but they loved it and thought it would be nice. It was amazing to see the ward work to put the funeral together. I love how the church is one big family and its amazing how organized it is. The relief society had the whole thing planned out. It was a great service and was filled with much hope and love. Its a great feeling to know that there family will be together forever and that Sister Taylor has just moved on to the next stage in her life. The song went great and I was happy to sing again. This older couple came up to us afterwards and jokingly she said she would love for us to sing at her funeral some day. I thought that was funny! So that was different thing we did this week.

This is sister Zwicks last week so we have been making the rounds and saying goodbye to everyone. Its hard because it just reminds me how I'm going to have to say goodbye to her soon as well. She is moving on to the next stage of her life. We spent our last night with the Sullivans and it was great to have one last good lesson with them and their family. We have been trying to get Mike to read the Book of Mormon. He hasn't been doing it so I gave the family an assignment. Each kid has a day to read the book of Mormon with their Dad. So hopefully this little plan will work! We always joke around that when we leave we can't wait to come back for Mike's baptism. He just laughs..but it will happen!

This week I gave my first training in my district and that was really fun. I love to teach so I was more than happy to help out the district leader. I taught about gaining the trust of members. I learned that members are a huge help to missionary work. I promise myself that when I get off my mission I'm going to be the best member missionary ever! I know how much it helps as a missionary to have that! It was fun to teach and I think I did ok.

Kind of a cute story.. We teach a less active each week and her name is Sister Stevens. She has been trying to quit smoking. One morning we got a call from her. She wanted to know which section in the Doctrine and Covenants did they talk about keeping our body healthy. It was so cute.. I gave her the section and told her a little about it. I was so happy to see that she is trying and reading her scriptures!

We met with Timmia and we told her that she needs to be coming to church every sunday before she can be baptized. She was sad we had to move her date again. She was pumped to come this Sunday and we told her she had to call for her ride. Well Sunday came and she didn't come. I'm not sure what to do. She really wants to get baptized and she has a great testimony, but she just won't come to church. I don’t know what to do.. I thought baptism would motivate her to come to church each week! Well see what happens!

So Melanie is for sure getting baptized on June 18th. She is so GOLDEN (as us missionaries would say) Her lessons are so amazing and every time we meet with her she has so many questions about what she had read in the B.O.M. She has been looking at BYU to get her masters. She really wants this! As a missionary her lessons is what makes everything so worth it. She is so excited to learn and she cant' wait for the day she is baptized. She has been telling all her friends and family about her baptism. She is already a missionary! I'm so excited to be able to be here for that! Its also so great to teach someone our own age. We can just relate to her better! ITS SO AWESOME!!

Well I didn't have much time to write this week because sister Zwick is packing and getting ready to go home. Its hard to send missionaries home. I know that I won't see her for another year. Its kinda sad! I wish her the best of luck though!

We both came into this area three months ago not knowing anyone. Now we have two baptismal dates set. She is an amazing missionary. Even though she won't be here for Melanie's actual baptism she was the one who got her to that point. Were all doing the same work! I'm going to miss her and I know the people here in Glenville will miss her as well!

Love you all,

Sister Stacey!

pic one.. My district (were awesome)

pic 2: Union College trolly..i thought it was cute!

pic 3: Timmia and her little brother. Our last lesson with Sister Zwick

Pic 4 This is with dave senior and dave junior! We just picked them up a couple weeks ago!

pic 5: The smith family. There son is serving in the Denver North mission

pic 6: our ward adopted a trail and we were in charge of cleaning it this week!

pic 7: The sullivan kids

pic 8: This is the Bishops family and kids. They are the best!

pic 9: Sister Zwick and I with melanie!

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