Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"peace be unto thy soul; think adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment...endure it well God shall exalt thee on high" D&C121:7-8

So I'm going to be completely honest in this email and tell you this was probably the worst weekend ever! Friday morning I woke up with bug bites on my legs and arms but I didn't think too much of it. The night before we had been outside talking to people and I thought I had just been attacked by mosquito's. When I woke up Saturday morning I had even more bites and they were all over. I went to look on my bed and sure enough...there were bed bugs all over my mattress. I will be honest with you I had a major break down only because I knew the big project ahead of me. We would have to spray everything and wash and dry all of our clothes. I'm pretty positive that they had followed me from Glenville. So we spent the whole morning spraying and it was so gross because we were seeing so many bugs. In the middle of our extermination we had promised to move future into one of our investigators apartment. Our investigators name is Dwight and a week before I came into this area he had just walked into the church and wanted to come to church. We have been teaching him since and set him with a baptism date. We had a lesson with him on Thursday and he never showed up. We thought that was weird but then went on to see some of our back ups. Later that night we were by his place again and decided to just stop by. When we knocked on his door he looked so sick. He said he was hoping we would have stopped by because he couldn't move. He has a lot of health problems. When I looked into his apartment all he had was a foam mat and a pillow on the floor and his book of Mormon. That's all he had.. it made me so sad to see. We helped him get to the bus so he could go to urgent care. We felt bad because he had no food or anything.. we went to our apartment and grabbed what we had and took it back to his. We really wanted to find him a bed or something. We happened to go check on a potential of someone living right by Dwight. I'm not sure how the conversation led to this, but he happened to have a couch and a bed that he was going to get rid of. We were so excited to give them to Dwight. The Lord really does watch out for us. Tender mercies of the Lord. So after our extermination of the bed bugs we went and the Elders came and helped us move in some furniture for Dwight. He was so happy to have something to sleep on! It was a great feeling to be able to help him!
So after we helped Dwight we went to the laundromat and started washing all of our clothes again. So my bites started to get worse and started to swell and I was getting nervous. So we went back to the apartment finished our de-bug routine and it was about 8:30 when Sister Bulloch (the mission presidents wife) said I should go to Urgent care. So me and Sister Gifford started to head to Urgent care. On top of all this bed bug drama we got word from Sister Bulloch that there is a hurricane hitting the east coast. So we grabbed some food and some water and a flash light just in case the power went out and headed on our way to Urgent care. When we got there of course it was busy busy and we waited three hours before a doctor could see me. We were getting pretty bored so we decided to count all the bites on my body. We stopped counting when we got to 100 and I'm seriously not even kidding. We didn't get home till 12:30am and we just fell asleep in the living room. We were so exhausted the next morning when we woke up. We had to go get my prescription and then head to church. We were so scatter brained. We got a voicemail from Dwight and he said he was in the ICU and that he won't be at church. So we had to go see him. Heavenly Father did bless us with investigators coming to church. We had an investigator call and get his own ride to church which NEVER happens. It was amazing! On top of that all day Sunday it was super rainy and windy. (because of the hurricane) It was a crazy day. We are still working on getting an exterminator to come. I'm so sick of these bed bugs and I think there just going to follow me my whole mission. Its been a really tough weekend and I just wish I could be doing missionary work instead. I hope we can figure this problem out. I feel so bad for my new companion. I hate that I have brought this problem onto her as well. I just feel so bad. I hope this week will be better and I really want to be doing missionary work. I really hope this is the last time I have to deal with bed bugs. We don't hear much about whats going on. I hope the people are OK who were hit by the hurricane. Apparently my last area Glenville they cancelled church yesterday because of high winds. So I hope that everyone is OK. Its been a crazy week. Prayer has got me through.. I hope next week is better!
Love you all,
Sister Stacey

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Syracuse Transfer #5


I am in my new area now with my new companion. It was really hard to leave Glenville. It felt like I was leaving my family behind and going on my mission to Syracuse. It was sad to leave the members and my recent converts, but I guess this is where faith needed to come to play. It was hard to adjust but as soon as we started meeting with the people and the members I started to feel more comfortable. I was so surprised to see how many people we were teaching and we have 6 people with a baptism date. Its amazing to see how different areas are. Syracuse is split up between the elders and us. We have the east side of Syracuse which includes Syracuse University. Students have started to come into town and I think this will be a great finding tool for us. Both the Elders and us cover the ward and the singles branch. Its been kind of confusing to me that I have two wards to cover, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Its been way fun and it reminds me of my awesome Institute back home in Fort Collins. I know this will be a great area. My companion is from Arizona and she has been out for 6 weeks. We get along great and I think this transfer will be a great one. I have really high hopes for this area and I think we will be teaching quit a bit. Syracuse is a big city so there are lots of people out and about. Its way fun!

I don't have to much time and not too much to write about. This week has felt long because of the transfers, but I'm all settled in now. I've started to get to know the area and the people. I'm very excited for this place!

I love you all!

Sister stacey

Last Goodbyes in Glenville; Last goodbye with Melanie and Mellon family

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord.."

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe how much can happen in just one week. This week was full of many interesting things. Tuesday morning I woke up with a really sore throat and it kept getting worse and worse. Luckily there are some nurses in the ward.. I found out I had Strep Throat. So I had Strep and it was basically awful. We had to stay inside one day and it was so boring! I was able to get some Anti biotics. We picked up two new investigators on thursday. The first week of the transfer we were trying to find this one guy. We knocked on his door and asked if it was him and it wasn't. So we started talking to this man and he told us we could come back. Then this week we went back again to see if he still wanted to meet. His wife was also there this time and seemed very excited to have us come over. We went in and taught them the first lesson and they were excited to learn. At the end of the lesson she said each time before we came to the door her husband had asked God for direction in his life and each time he asked that question we had knocked on the door. It was a great confirmation to us that we had been following the Spirit. So were excited to continue to teach them!

So Michele's baptism was this weekend! I was feeling so sick and I was a little stressed because we had to put on this baptism on Saturday. I feel so blessed to have the priesthood in my life. I was able to get a blessing and when saturday came I was feeling well enough to prepare for the baptism. I am so grateful for the priesthood in my life and worthy men who are always prepared to give a blessing! The baptism went so well! So many people came to the baptism we almost didn't have room for everyone. It was a great turn out! After Michele was baptized she was talking to Sister Waddignton (the members she is close with) she said she never wanted to come out of the water. She loved the feeling she had and never wanted to come out. It was so cute! It was great to be there!

So the second to last saturday of the transfer we get "transfer calls" I particulary do not like these.. it makes me nervous all day. We waited eagerly for the call telling us if we would stay or go. I had done the math and I knew it would come down to Syracuse or Ogdensburg. Sister Swick served in Ogdensburg and the way she talked about it sounded like it was pretty much in the middle of no where.. Lets say Sister Zwick would have been happy if I went to Ogdensburg. Finally the phone rang and the Elder said "Sister Stacey you will be going to SYRACUSE West serving with Sister Gifford!" YAY!!! haha I'm really excited about Syracuse and it has been a place I have wanted to serve in! I knew that I would be leaving this area and I feel really good about going to Syracuse. My new companion will be Sister Gifford. She has only been on her mission for 6 weeks. So I will be second transfer training her. I'm excited about this and I think that my mission president is preparing me for training! haha So the next day was Sunday and I knew it would be my last in Glenville. I had planned to sing in church, but because of my good luck I got strep throat that week. My throat was really sore still and my ears were plugged. It was not good, but I wanted to sing badly because I knew it was my last sunday. I was sitting next to Melanie and I was really nervous that I would cough in the middle of the song. She wrote me a little note telling me to have faith in the Lord. That I shouldn't worry and he would let me sing well. It amazes me how much Melanie has grown and has the Spirit with her. It almost made me cry to see how much her testimony has grown. The way she was able to comfort me. I went up to the pulpit coughing and the music started to play and the second I opened my mouth my throat cleared up and I was able to sing the whole song. The power of faith can really work miracles. I was happy I was able to do it and it went well! It was sad saying goodbye to everyone. The members here have been so great to me! I have also been having a bad toothace this week. So just my luck there is a dentist in the ward. He fixed up my tooth which was way nice of him. It was funny though because we had a dinner appointment right after and half my mouth was numb. Very interesting week I had.. haha

My time here in Glenville has come to an end. The last couple of days I have been saying my goodbyes and it has not been easy. These people here in Glenville have become my family. I didn't think it would be this hard and honestly didn't think I would get this attach to people on my mission. I still feel like I have so much to do here in Glenville and could honestly serve my whole mission here, but I know the Lord has other plans in store for me. I just need to have trust in him that I'm needed in Syracuse. The friendships I have made here will last forever. Last night I had planned to see the Sullivans last. I would say that was probably the hardest goodbye, but it was great to see the love that I had for them. They have really helped me grow these past 6 months. I will miss them and I WILL BE BACK! Glenville will always have a special place in my heart. It is where I started my mission. I feel like I'm leaving my family again to go on a mission to Syracuse. haha I know its my time to go, but I have loved my time here. I will never forget the memories I have made here. I will never forget the people I have taught and how they have helped change my life. It will be very hard to say goodbye to Melanie today. She has become one my best firends. Everytime we went to teach her she always taught me something. I am so happy I was able to help her on her path to eternal life. I love being a missionary and I know change is apart of it. Change is hard, but I'm also starting to see that change is good! I love being a missionary, I'm excited for my new area and new people. I feel so blessed to be here in New York!

I love you all,
Sister Stacey

Pic 1: Me, Michele, and Sister Belnap at the baptism
Pic 2: Michele and I at her Baptism
Pic 3: Last District Meeting! Best District EVER!
pic 4: District Meeting!
pic 5: The Maughan Family!
Pic 6: the sullivans!
pic 7: My favorite Less actives!
pic 8: My fav LA. She loves harleys.. haha

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God.."


So depending on what happens this Saturday at transfer calls this might be my last full week in Glenville New York. I try not to think about it. I have been trying to mentally prepare myself..but I'm pretty sure it will be a hard move. I just need to have trust in the Lord and the Mission President that where I go next is where I need to be. Even if it is here in Glenville for another transfer! :) So if your totally awesome and you want to write me in the next couple weeks. You should probably send it to the mission office address. That way if I do get transferred I won't lose the letters!

Sister Jennifer Michelle Stacey

New York Utica Mission

PO Box 149

Whitesboro, NY 13492-0149

So this week has been so great! We weren't able to meet with Michele that often, but it was good because she was at Youth Conference. They all went to Palmyra and spent the night and went to the temple and all the sites. I believe she had a great time and is really fitting well into the ward! The baptism is official and set for this Saturday the 13th! I'm very excited and I hope everything works out well! We had to meet her grandparents this week and they were very accepting of her choice to be baptized. It was so great! Once we got their signature it was official and she could get baptized! She is so excited and I feel so blessed to be apart of it!

I finally had my first lesson wtih Araina. Me and Sister Despain tracted into her and I missed the first lesson because I was gone for exchanges. She is Jehovah's witness so its been interesting. The lesson went well and we brought a member with us that helped a lot! I have gained a huge testimony of getting members to lessons. It really helps the investigators progress faster and feel comfortable when they come to church. The lesson went well and we taught her about the plan of salvation. She had many questions, but seemed interested. She said she had tried to pray about the Book of Mormon, but felt silly. At least she is trying and that shows great progress. I'm really excited to teach her again! This also shows that even though tracting isn't my favorite...you can really find people who are searching.

So something fun and interesting going on in my area lately... If you know me well, you would know that I LOVE LOVE movies. Well there is a movie being filmed in my area as of right now. It has been the talk of the town! The big actor Ryan Gosslin is in it and there filming a movie that is called "The place beyond the pines" (which means Schenectady) Some of the youth in the ward signed up to be extras in the movie. (so jealous!) So the day they will be filming in our area...hmm... we might just maybe go tracting in the neighborhoods surrounding it. haha Just Kidding.. but I'm pretty excited about that. It will be cool to see the movie and see the area where I served for 6 months!

Well not too much more has happened this week. It just might be my last week here which makes me sad. I'm going to live it up and try my best to work this area until I leave!


Sister Stacey

Pic 1: We have a fun Air Museum in our area. Planes fly out of here to take supplies to Antarctica, which is cool. Its not opened on Mondays, but the man who is in charge of it came on his day off and gave us a tour! There were so many awesome planes! I thought of my grandpa and my dad.. they would have loved it! So this is me and Sister Belnap in front of one

Pic 2: Yes that is me inside the plan and yes I'm wearing a skirt! So something cool about this plane is that it was the actual plan in the Movie Top Gun. It was used on the set. So I thought that was really exciting!

Pic 3: I love cats! This cat has been my favorite so far! She would let me hold her the whole time I was over at these people house. It was amazing!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exhanges in Vermont!

Hello Everyone,
This week was another good week here in Glenville. I went on my first real exchange where I was able to be the one that goes to another area. My first two transfers I had bed bugs so we weren't aloud to exchange with other sisters. I guess they didn't want bed bugs or something. haha The closes sisters to Glenville are the sisters in Benninghton Vermont. So it was fun to be able to go to another state for exchange. I worked with Sister Cox who was actually trained by my trainer Sister Swick. Vermont is so beautiful and the town of Bennighhton is so cute. It's a big tourist site in the summers, so lots of people were there. It was cool to meet other people and get to know another area. It did also make me miss Glenville and when I returned I was happy. It was a great exchange and I was excited to see a new area and work with someone new. It was fun!
Some exciting news is that Melanie was able to go to the temple last week. I am so proud of her for setting her goals to get there. She was able to be baptized for her grandmother. She said it was a great experience! She also has been studying preach my gospel a lot preparing to serve a mission next summer! Its very exciting to see how she has grown since I first met her!
Michele is doing great and we are still planning on the baptism for August 13th. We also were able to pick up three pretty solid new investigators. One was a girl that me and Sister Despain tracted into. She is actually a Jehovah's Witness, but was pretty open to us coming back. I was on exchange, but sister Belnap met with her and she was excited to learn about the Plan of Salvation. So we're excited about that. We also picked up two new investigators from the help of some members. Sister Zwick and I first met them at the passover meal we went to. We have been trying to meet with them since. We had dinner with them and we were able to teach the message of the restoration. We also were able to answer a lot of questions they had. It was very exciting! We set up a return appointment and committed them to come to church on the 14th. We are very excited and the work seems to be doing so great here in Glenville. Something that also was cool that I was able to do was talk about my experience in Jerusalem. I was able to bear my testimony on that experience and how it strengthened my relationship with my savior. After I bore my testimony one of the investigators turned to us and said "Oh I thought you didn't believe in Christ." So it was cool to share my experience with them and confirm to them that we do in fact believe in Jesus Christ. It was a great experience. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss Jerusalem and the experiences I had there. It has helped my testimony grow as I have been on my mission. Using the Bible and the book of Mormon to help bring people closer to Christ. It was a great week! I am so happy to be here in Glenville!
Sister Stacey
Vermont was beautiful, but they also had really random things there. They have painted moose all over Bennighton it was kind of funny. It was a great exchange with Sister Cox