Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"peace be unto thy soul; think adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment...endure it well God shall exalt thee on high" D&C121:7-8

So I'm going to be completely honest in this email and tell you this was probably the worst weekend ever! Friday morning I woke up with bug bites on my legs and arms but I didn't think too much of it. The night before we had been outside talking to people and I thought I had just been attacked by mosquito's. When I woke up Saturday morning I had even more bites and they were all over. I went to look on my bed and sure enough...there were bed bugs all over my mattress. I will be honest with you I had a major break down only because I knew the big project ahead of me. We would have to spray everything and wash and dry all of our clothes. I'm pretty positive that they had followed me from Glenville. So we spent the whole morning spraying and it was so gross because we were seeing so many bugs. In the middle of our extermination we had promised to move future into one of our investigators apartment. Our investigators name is Dwight and a week before I came into this area he had just walked into the church and wanted to come to church. We have been teaching him since and set him with a baptism date. We had a lesson with him on Thursday and he never showed up. We thought that was weird but then went on to see some of our back ups. Later that night we were by his place again and decided to just stop by. When we knocked on his door he looked so sick. He said he was hoping we would have stopped by because he couldn't move. He has a lot of health problems. When I looked into his apartment all he had was a foam mat and a pillow on the floor and his book of Mormon. That's all he had.. it made me so sad to see. We helped him get to the bus so he could go to urgent care. We felt bad because he had no food or anything.. we went to our apartment and grabbed what we had and took it back to his. We really wanted to find him a bed or something. We happened to go check on a potential of someone living right by Dwight. I'm not sure how the conversation led to this, but he happened to have a couch and a bed that he was going to get rid of. We were so excited to give them to Dwight. The Lord really does watch out for us. Tender mercies of the Lord. So after our extermination of the bed bugs we went and the Elders came and helped us move in some furniture for Dwight. He was so happy to have something to sleep on! It was a great feeling to be able to help him!
So after we helped Dwight we went to the laundromat and started washing all of our clothes again. So my bites started to get worse and started to swell and I was getting nervous. So we went back to the apartment finished our de-bug routine and it was about 8:30 when Sister Bulloch (the mission presidents wife) said I should go to Urgent care. So me and Sister Gifford started to head to Urgent care. On top of all this bed bug drama we got word from Sister Bulloch that there is a hurricane hitting the east coast. So we grabbed some food and some water and a flash light just in case the power went out and headed on our way to Urgent care. When we got there of course it was busy busy and we waited three hours before a doctor could see me. We were getting pretty bored so we decided to count all the bites on my body. We stopped counting when we got to 100 and I'm seriously not even kidding. We didn't get home till 12:30am and we just fell asleep in the living room. We were so exhausted the next morning when we woke up. We had to go get my prescription and then head to church. We were so scatter brained. We got a voicemail from Dwight and he said he was in the ICU and that he won't be at church. So we had to go see him. Heavenly Father did bless us with investigators coming to church. We had an investigator call and get his own ride to church which NEVER happens. It was amazing! On top of that all day Sunday it was super rainy and windy. (because of the hurricane) It was a crazy day. We are still working on getting an exterminator to come. I'm so sick of these bed bugs and I think there just going to follow me my whole mission. Its been a really tough weekend and I just wish I could be doing missionary work instead. I hope we can figure this problem out. I feel so bad for my new companion. I hate that I have brought this problem onto her as well. I just feel so bad. I hope this week will be better and I really want to be doing missionary work. I really hope this is the last time I have to deal with bed bugs. We don't hear much about whats going on. I hope the people are OK who were hit by the hurricane. Apparently my last area Glenville they cancelled church yesterday because of high winds. So I hope that everyone is OK. Its been a crazy week. Prayer has got me through.. I hope next week is better!
Love you all,
Sister Stacey

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