Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exhanges in Vermont!

Hello Everyone,
This week was another good week here in Glenville. I went on my first real exchange where I was able to be the one that goes to another area. My first two transfers I had bed bugs so we weren't aloud to exchange with other sisters. I guess they didn't want bed bugs or something. haha The closes sisters to Glenville are the sisters in Benninghton Vermont. So it was fun to be able to go to another state for exchange. I worked with Sister Cox who was actually trained by my trainer Sister Swick. Vermont is so beautiful and the town of Bennighhton is so cute. It's a big tourist site in the summers, so lots of people were there. It was cool to meet other people and get to know another area. It did also make me miss Glenville and when I returned I was happy. It was a great exchange and I was excited to see a new area and work with someone new. It was fun!
Some exciting news is that Melanie was able to go to the temple last week. I am so proud of her for setting her goals to get there. She was able to be baptized for her grandmother. She said it was a great experience! She also has been studying preach my gospel a lot preparing to serve a mission next summer! Its very exciting to see how she has grown since I first met her!
Michele is doing great and we are still planning on the baptism for August 13th. We also were able to pick up three pretty solid new investigators. One was a girl that me and Sister Despain tracted into. She is actually a Jehovah's Witness, but was pretty open to us coming back. I was on exchange, but sister Belnap met with her and she was excited to learn about the Plan of Salvation. So we're excited about that. We also picked up two new investigators from the help of some members. Sister Zwick and I first met them at the passover meal we went to. We have been trying to meet with them since. We had dinner with them and we were able to teach the message of the restoration. We also were able to answer a lot of questions they had. It was very exciting! We set up a return appointment and committed them to come to church on the 14th. We are very excited and the work seems to be doing so great here in Glenville. Something that also was cool that I was able to do was talk about my experience in Jerusalem. I was able to bear my testimony on that experience and how it strengthened my relationship with my savior. After I bore my testimony one of the investigators turned to us and said "Oh I thought you didn't believe in Christ." So it was cool to share my experience with them and confirm to them that we do in fact believe in Jesus Christ. It was a great experience. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss Jerusalem and the experiences I had there. It has helped my testimony grow as I have been on my mission. Using the Bible and the book of Mormon to help bring people closer to Christ. It was a great week! I am so happy to be here in Glenville!
Sister Stacey
Vermont was beautiful, but they also had really random things there. They have painted moose all over Bennighton it was kind of funny. It was a great exchange with Sister Cox

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  1. fun pics! I'm glad you're enjoying teaching and that you are seeing a lot of progress on your mission. NY DOES have some very pretty areas - although I think you're living a 'prettier' part of the state. We're down in Freeport on LI (not too far from JFK). Its been an incredible year. Have a lovely day Sis. Stacey.