Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God.."


So depending on what happens this Saturday at transfer calls this might be my last full week in Glenville New York. I try not to think about it. I have been trying to mentally prepare myself..but I'm pretty sure it will be a hard move. I just need to have trust in the Lord and the Mission President that where I go next is where I need to be. Even if it is here in Glenville for another transfer! :) So if your totally awesome and you want to write me in the next couple weeks. You should probably send it to the mission office address. That way if I do get transferred I won't lose the letters!

Sister Jennifer Michelle Stacey

New York Utica Mission

PO Box 149

Whitesboro, NY 13492-0149

So this week has been so great! We weren't able to meet with Michele that often, but it was good because she was at Youth Conference. They all went to Palmyra and spent the night and went to the temple and all the sites. I believe she had a great time and is really fitting well into the ward! The baptism is official and set for this Saturday the 13th! I'm very excited and I hope everything works out well! We had to meet her grandparents this week and they were very accepting of her choice to be baptized. It was so great! Once we got their signature it was official and she could get baptized! She is so excited and I feel so blessed to be apart of it!

I finally had my first lesson wtih Araina. Me and Sister Despain tracted into her and I missed the first lesson because I was gone for exchanges. She is Jehovah's witness so its been interesting. The lesson went well and we brought a member with us that helped a lot! I have gained a huge testimony of getting members to lessons. It really helps the investigators progress faster and feel comfortable when they come to church. The lesson went well and we taught her about the plan of salvation. She had many questions, but seemed interested. She said she had tried to pray about the Book of Mormon, but felt silly. At least she is trying and that shows great progress. I'm really excited to teach her again! This also shows that even though tracting isn't my favorite...you can really find people who are searching.

So something fun and interesting going on in my area lately... If you know me well, you would know that I LOVE LOVE movies. Well there is a movie being filmed in my area as of right now. It has been the talk of the town! The big actor Ryan Gosslin is in it and there filming a movie that is called "The place beyond the pines" (which means Schenectady) Some of the youth in the ward signed up to be extras in the movie. (so jealous!) So the day they will be filming in our area...hmm... we might just maybe go tracting in the neighborhoods surrounding it. haha Just Kidding.. but I'm pretty excited about that. It will be cool to see the movie and see the area where I served for 6 months!

Well not too much more has happened this week. It just might be my last week here which makes me sad. I'm going to live it up and try my best to work this area until I leave!


Sister Stacey

Pic 1: We have a fun Air Museum in our area. Planes fly out of here to take supplies to Antarctica, which is cool. Its not opened on Mondays, but the man who is in charge of it came on his day off and gave us a tour! There were so many awesome planes! I thought of my grandpa and my dad.. they would have loved it! So this is me and Sister Belnap in front of one

Pic 2: Yes that is me inside the plan and yes I'm wearing a skirt! So something cool about this plane is that it was the actual plan in the Movie Top Gun. It was used on the set. So I thought that was really exciting!

Pic 3: I love cats! This cat has been my favorite so far! She would let me hold her the whole time I was over at these people house. It was amazing!

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