Friday, February 27, 2009

Hezekiah's Tunnel Adventure in the City of David!

Ali and I after the tunnel! It was totally worth it to be soaked!!!

You can't tell, but my pants are soaked!!!

I was really excited to be there, as you can see. I guess Steve thought he was funny witht his hands!! No!!

Steve, Me, and Ali inside the tunnel!!

Ali, Steve, and I are just about to go into the tunnel! We were ready with our flash lights!

This would be our before picture!!

We watched a sweet 3-D film about Hezekiahs tunnel before we went in. It was so amazing! I felt like I was in disney world!! ha ha

The City of Daivd!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bare Foot Walk through The Old City!!!

You are probably wondering why we walked through the Old City in bare feet.....
There is a store in the Jewish quarters that we call the Jospeh Smith store. The man who works there has a deal with us Mormon students. If we can do 70 push ups we can get a free widows-mite. Well, we didn't really feel like doing 70 push-ups so instead we walked from the Damascus gate all the way to the Jewish quarters. We got many weird looks from people. The men working at the stores called us crazy. It was pretty funny! We totally made it to the store alive and got our free widows-mite! It was an experience I will never forget! It was so much fun!

This is Jospeh the store owner!

We all made it to the store with dirty feet!

Take a look at the results, not that bad!

We made it! Ali, Hayley, Me, and Kelsey with our dirty feet infront of Josephs store!

While we were walking through the Old City people kept trying to get us to buy shoes. We simple told them we had shoes we just chose not to wear them! ha ha They thought we were crazy!

Clean feet infront of Damascus gate!!

No more shoes!!!

Starting at Damascus gate and ending up in the Jewish quarters!! These feet were so ready!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trip to Tel Aviv!!!

My roommates Ali and Kelsey always take the best jumping pictures! I took this one for them and its my favorite!!!
A group of us walking to the beach! We were so excited!

My roommate Andrea took this picture and I thought it was really cool!

I have no idea what to say about this? We just thought it was funny!

I love this picture!! This will be our album cover when we become famous!! Kelsey, Ali, and I!!

They had workout stations on the beach! I loved it!!

Sunset on the beach! It was very beautiful!

Apartment jumping picture!! It goes Me, Ali, Andrea, and Kelsey!

This picture is of all the people who went to Tel Aviv for the day! I love it!

More jumping pics!!

When your walking through the markets you always see weird food and you always wonder if its good. So Steve and I thought it would be fun if we bought each other some random item of food and then have to try it. It actually tasted really good, I don't know what it was?

Kelsey, Me, Ali, and Hayley at the beach! It was perfect!!

Its a good thing Kelsey had her umbrella because it started to rain pretty bad at the beach.

Me, Ali, and Kelsey!!!

Kelsey and I!

Andrea, Steve, and I. We got wet after taking this picture!

I thought this picture was really cool. A mosque in the middle of the city.

This picture is by far my favorite picture of the day!! He is being one with the birds!! ha ha ha

Shopping at the Market in Tel-Aviv!! So much fun!!!

Free Day in the Old City!!!!

Our apartment is known for having the cutest shoes!!! We know all the hidden shoe stores!!
We are obsessed with dried fruit!! LOVE IT!

V-Day at the Jerusalem Center was exciting! All the JC boys got flowers for all the girls!! Being the girls we are we made a flower vase for them. We were so excited!!!

We went to the "Shouk"(?) where the main food shopping area is in west Jerusalem! Its our favorite place! We love going there!

This is Shabon our favorite man in the Old City! He has all the BYU shirts and scripture cases. We love his store and everytime we come he gives us drinks. He is our favorite! He has the cheapest skirts!

We love humanitarian night! We put together first aid kits and then they will go to places all over the world. Last week the kits went to Gaza which was way cool!

After we saw a movie we went to a bakery! We love going to the bakery!

We got our goods!!

This is in the move theatre! During the movie there was a intermission and a curtain came down. It was really funny!

I thought this picture was funny! I guess they didn't have room in their closet!

We have a joke about Camel Caravans so we had to take this picture!

Being random in the Old City!

This is in one of the Upper Rooms!

We found the most amazing crepe place in the Old City! Hayley and I were so excited to eat it!!

They are so big!! You can tell by the look on my face I'm very excited!! lol

All these kids were out of school so we went and talked to some of them! They were way excited to be in our picture!