Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Month in the Holy Land!

We call this place Cosco because it has everything we need when it comes to food! We love it and its really close to the JC.

Ali and I taking some random picture inside the Old City!

Kelsey, Whitney, Me, and Ali at the YMCA tower!!

A group of us at the Western Wall!

Us girls in the Jewish quarters!! We loved it over there!

I was able to meet up with Yael, we all saw the awesome look out of the City from this point! Beautiful!!

This is me walking around the top of the Old City walls!!

Whitney and I on top of the Old City Wall. A group of us walked on top around the wall!! So much fun!

This is the view I get of the Old City at night from my own balcony!! No big deal!!

These are some of us who went to the Garden Tomb after Shabbat one Saturday! So much fun!

When we were at the Garden Tomb some of us went and sang with the Nigerians. They loved us and wanted to get pictures with all of us! It was a awesome experience!

One Sunday after Shabbat (Sabbath) a group of us went to the Garden Tomb.

My roommates, Ali, Kelsey, and I thought it would be fun to try and fit in! I think we could totally fit the part!!

This is where you can get all the LDS gifts! I thought it was so funny how they have BYU shirts in a shop in the Old City!

When you walk up to the Old City you can see the JC. This is my home for 4 months!!

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