Friday, February 13, 2009

Mnt. Sinai!!!

It was sad leaving Egypt!!! :(
Best sunrise I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

When you're hiking up in the dark you don't really see how many camels there really are. It was kinda scary when they popped out of nowhere. These were some of the camps that people lived.

BOO YAA!! I'm on the top of Mnt. Sinai!!!!!!!!

When we were hiking up in the dark I didn't see all of this. It was really fun walking back down and seeing everything we missed on the way up. The sights were indescribable and this picture doesn't do the real thing justice.

As you hiked up the mountain you passed houses where people lived. It was crazy!

Ali, Me, and Kelsey!!

We did it!!! We hiked Mnt. Sinai!!! I love this picture!!

The sun is making its way up!! So beautiful!

It was so so so cold at the top. We were all huddled together for warmth!!!

We made it up intime to look at the stars before the sun came up! So beautiful! It was so cold!!!

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