Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home (JC) "its good to be back!"

This picture makes me laugh! Kelsey, Ali and I are obsessed with gummies. We are so obsessed that we had to limit ourselves to only 4 gummies a day. Kelsey arranged the gummies like this so Ali got a little surprise when she came back to the room. It was funny!!!
A group of us who went to Ein Kerem!! So much fun!!

The houses were so beautiful!!

I don't know why, but I love this pictur of the Israeli flag. This was in Ein Karem on someones window.

I thought this picture was cool with the wall in the background! This was by the Saint John the baptist church.

This was in the church. Ali and I being goofy!!

The walls inside the church were so beautiful!!

Inside the church.

So far my favorite free day trip was going to Ein Kerem. Its this really cute town that reminds me of Europe. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We went to the Saint John the Baptist Church.

This is one of the biggest questions so far in the semester. What does this sign mean? No clue?

I thought this was cool. They have synagogues in hospitals! Everytime I walk into a hopsital I can't not help but think of dad. It makes me miss him!! :(

If you go to Hadassah Hospital they have these windows and each one represents the 12 sons of Jacob. It was way cool! You sit in the room and they explain each window to you.

The whole gang dressed up in the clothes we purchased in Egypt!

Apartment 409!! We are the best apartment in the JC!!

We had to dress in clothes we purchased in Egypt. Kelsey bought seriously like 10 scarfs and she wore them all. ha ha ha

This was our mummy costume!!

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