Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Day in Luxor!!!! :(

This is in the Karnak temple and this is the Hypostyle Hall. I loved this room!!

This picture is of the Pharaoh receiving eternal life! I thought it was way cool!

Karnak Temple behind me!!

The Hypostyle Hall is behind me!! It was unbelievable!!

Here is another one of my cheesy senior pics!!! I had to do it!!!

This at the Luxor Temple!! We were seeing how many people it took to fit around it!

We were able to take a carriage ride back to our hotel!! It was so much fun!! I thought we were going to die sometimes, but we made it!!!

This is the view we got from our hotel in Luxor over looking the Nile river! It was so beautiful!!

This was the over night train!! The food was very interesting as you can see on our faces!!!

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