Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pyramid Day in Cairo!!!

This picture is in Memphis. We were at the Memphis Museum!
Janay and I at our room for our first night in Luxor!!!

Kelsey, Me, and Alie at the Papyrus store!!! It was amazing!!

You're not allowed to take pictures of police officers on camels, so I took this picture with out looking in my camera. I liked the way it turned out!!!

This is Saqqara!! Its the step pyramid or they call it a Mastaba!!

I love this picture!! Just looking at the great view!!

We stopped here for lunch and right when we walked in we got fresh pitas!!! This lady was way cute!

We love our jumping pictures!!!

I love this picture!!! I get really creative with pictures!!!

I had to show a picture showing off the fanny pack!!! Its my favorite!!

I got a little creative!! :)

Egyptain pose for the pyramids!!!!

Ali and I trying to do something. I don't really know?

Some egyptian man took my Camera and was telling me how to pose for this picture!! It was kinda funny!

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  1. We love your pictures. It brought back fond memories of our trip over 30 years ago. Things haven't changed much since then, that is probably good. You and Alie must have been sisters in the preexistence because you look so much alike, both beautiful girls. We love you Jenn, you are in our prayers. Grandma & Grandpa Smoot