Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Days In Cairo,Hard Rock Cafe,Mosque!

I thought this was a cool picture! I took a lot of random pictures on our drive back to Israel. I thought this was crazy to see. I don't know how cars avoid that!
We went to Mc'Ds for lunch! Everyone was really excited for it!! The food was.....interesting!!! ha ha

Ali, Hayley, and I inside the Mosque!

This was inside the mosque and these girls loved us. They kept asking to take pictures with us! We talked to them for awhile and it was an awesome experience!!!

This was our last day in Cairo. We visited the Muhammad Ali Mosque. It was so beautiful!!!

Ali and I at the famous Hard Rock Cafe sign!!!

I thought this was pretty funny! This was on the door in the girls bathroom!

Ali and I got the famous American strawberry milkshake!!! It was awesome!!!

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cairo. We were all excited to have american food!!

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