Friday, February 13, 2009

Field Trip to Jericho and Shephelah

All the Davids trying to kill Golieth!!! It was fun!! Someone did actually end up hitting him incase you were wondering!!
I couldn't hit the target with my small rock so I thought it would work better with a bigger rock! ha ha..... it didn't!!

This is our Golieth!! We are the Davids!!

This is where you walk when going to the church on top of the Mt. of Temptations. It was so beautiful!

We had to wear the scarfs out of respect when we went in the church. Ali and I out looking old Jericho.

This is in the church that is on the Mnt. of Temptations.

This is taken where they believe the old walls of Jericho still stand. Old Jericho is behind me in this picture!!

This is called the Zacchaeus. We learned that this tree goes back to the time Christ visted Jericho on his way to Jerusalem.

We were visiting a old house of Herod the Great in Jericho.

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