Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Companion..Third Transfer!


So its a new transfer and I have a new Companion. Her name is Sister Despain and she is from Idaho. Its her last transfer which means I'll probably be here in Glenville two more transfers. I was not complaining about that AT ALL! I love this area! Saying goodbye to Sister Zwick was sooo hard. All the missionaries being transferred were at the mission office. I never wanted to leave her side. She was all I had known of what a mission was. When the time came when we weren't companions anymore I started to cry. She taught me well and I miss her. I forget that change is a big part of missionary work. I better get use to it I guess. haha The ward members were really sweet and wanted to make sure I was ok because sister Zwick was home. They made sure to give me updates on how she had been doing.

So because sister Zwick left I was given the responsibility to take over the area. So basically all things were up to me. I have been explaining a lot this past week about the area and the people to sister Despain. I'm going to have to do it all over again in 6 weeks, but thats ok cause I love this area. Me and sister Despain have been working hard. We taught 18 lessons this week and found two new investigators. That was pretty exciting and we felt pretty good about that. One of our new investigators name is Lenny. He kept talking about the end of the world. As missionaries we only get bits and pieces of world news and we did hear about the man that predicted the end of the world. We have been getting a lot of questions on what we believe will happen. Anyways Lenny said he was really scared that night the world was going to end, but then he saw a rainbow and felt like that was a sign that everything would be ok. I laughed inside because that really is a sign. I thought that was funny, but the spirit is there and comforts people. We only had one person come to church on Sunday.

Timmia has been getting a lot of pressure from her Aunt about coming to our church. In our lesson with her on saturday we asked her if she really wants to come to our church and she said yes she does. We practiced with her some things she can say to her aunt when she confronts Timmia. So hopefully that will work and we can get her to church next Sunday.

Two more weeks till Melanie's baptism! She went to Palmyra with the singles ward last week and she loved it. It totally pumped her up and she said she made so many friends. She is amazing and I'm so grateful to have met her. I can't wait for her to get baptized! She even brought a friend to church! She is already a great missionary!

Well because of memorial day and we couldn't email yesterday I don't have as much time today. I hope everything is going well in the West! I miss and love you all! Oh and its starting to get soo HOT here... the humidity!! aaahhh I hope I can make it! lol


Sister Stacey

pic 1) This is Timmia's Littlbe brother Jaja.. he is so crazy!

pic 2) The tree's here are so beautiful. This is right by our house

pic 3) In memory of Sister Zwick. We bought all New york stuff. haha

pic 4) Sister Zwick and all her lasting Companions at the mission office

pic 5) All the Sisters at the mission office

pic 6) We were driving and this Turttle was in the middle of the road.. random!

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