Monday, June 6, 2011

....all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good...(D&C 122:7)

Another bittersweet week for me. So Timmia has been acting weird this past week and we went to have our DTR (determine the relationship) with her yesterday. She told us that she didn't want to be baptized anymore. Her aunt has been giving her a hard time about our church and I think she didn't want to fight it anymore. I was crushed when she told us she didn't want to be baptized. I'm just so bummed, but like that scripture said it will be for thy good. No work is wasted and we planted a seed in her heart. Someday she will remember.
On the happier note we stopped by Amiee's house to give it another try and she opened the door. I was nervous she was going to shut it again. I think I put my arm out just in case.. haha. She let us in and told us sorry for slamming the door the other day. She was having a bad day. (hmmm..) She let us in and we chatted with her for awhile and we set up a return appointment. I hope she wont' freak out again, but I was pretty happy. She said she will come to church again next week. So hopefully that works out! I'm excited about that.
Melanie is still on for her baptism on June 18th and she is basically amazing! As you all know yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and she got up to baer her testimony. It was sooo amazing! She talked about how her trip to Palmyra with the single adults was the best weekend ever. They all went up friday night and spent the night and went and saw all the sites. She described it as a bubble and everyone was so nice to her. She said she never wanted to leave that bubble and go back to the real world. She said after that weekend she wanted everyone to know what she knew. She talked about how excited she was to be baptized and join the church. Her testimony was amazing and made me tear up a little bit. It was a great reminder of how great missionary work is. It was a great reminder to me that I made the best choice to come on a mission! I loved it! It was so great because after she bore her testimony all these people who were converted into the church got up and spoke of the day thy were baptized and how it was a blessing to them. The rest of the meeting was centered on missionary work.. it was awesome! I was so proud of her!
Melanie even brought a friend to church yesterday. He was from Bolivia and at the end of church we were talking to him and he was so happy he came. He really enjoyed it. He was going back to Bolivia and we told him where to find the church there. He was going to look it up when he went back. Some missionaries are about to be very happy. haha It was great to see Melanie doing missionary work and she hasn't even been baptized yet.
Last Monday we went to a stake picnic party and we got a referral to check up on some people who use to attend the Glens Falls ward. They referred us to the Ferdettes who would know more information about them. I was so excited to meet them, but then someone told us they didn't make it to the picnic that day.. BUMMER! So close!
We picked up three new investigators this week and one was a family from Puerto Rico. They seemed nice and we have an appointment to meet with them next week. I hope it works out and we can get them to church.
Missionary work comes with a lot of up's and down's and I had a lot of those this past week. No matter how many down's there are I have already seen how the up's out weigh them all! I love missionary work!
Until next time..
Sister Stacey

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