Tuesday, June 28, 2011

.."I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things..." Alma 26:12

Hello Everyone,
This week was great! Its been fun to see Melanie apart of the ward now. They all seem to love her and she fits in so well. The coolest part of Melanie becoming a member is now she can come teaching with us! On friday she had work off all day so she came to all our appointments and she was loving it. She would talk to people on the street and read her poems. It was so great to see her in action. She will be a great missionary! Everyone in Schnecteday is from Brooklyn so it was great to have Melanie come around with us because that is where she is from. It was great because as soon as we would talk to someone they would have a connection. Its been so fun to have her come teaching with us she is going to be a great great missionary!
We picked up a new investigator named Scott and he is golden! The elders called us and told us this guy had been trying to find missionaries. He used to live in Albany and was close with the elders there, but those elders left and he stopped going to church. He said that he had been searching other religions, but nothing was like the latter day saints. Our first lesson with him was amazing. He kept talking about how welcomed he feels when he comes to church. He understood the lesson and was very sincere about learning. He was so excited about coming to church, but he got called into work on Sunday. So hopefully next Sunday he will be able to come. We met with him on Sunday and he felt so bad he wasn't able to come to church. He continues to explain to us the feelings he remembered when he goes to church and when he has lessons with us. He said he likes to read the Book of Mormon because he is able to feel those feelings again. I'm so excited about Scott and I can't wait for him to come to church next Sunday! A day after we met scott he was giving us referrals of his friends that we could go meet with. Its great to see how excited he is about the church!
We had dinner on Sunday with a family from Puerto Rico that we are teaching. They made some food and a member from our church who is also from there came with us. They were speaking in Spanish a lot and I didn't get much of the dinner conversation. haha It was fun that they wanted to have us over! I'm excited to continue to teach them and hopefully we can get them to church next Sunday. I got a little experience of how it would be to serve in another country. It was fun!
We were eating at a members home on Monday and he is very passionate about missionary work. He is also very passionate about Jimmer. He told us that he was being drafted and that in Glens Falls (Jimmer's hometown) they were having "Jimmer Fest" where lots of people were getting together to see where he will be drafted. The member suggested it would be a good finding tool to go there. So me and sister Despain were very excited. We called our Zone Leaders and gave them the suggestion that it would be a great "zone activity" and waited patiently for the response. Thursday morning they called us and told us that it was a no go! I guess the district there did it, we were too far. Very sad, it was a good try though!
I finished the Book of Mormon and I began reading it again, but this time I am highlighting every reference to Jesus Christ. I love reading the Book of Mormon focusing on Jesus Christ. Its amazing how the much the Book of Mormon brings us closer to him. I wish more people would give it a try and see that the Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ!
Well I don't have much time! Mission work is great! I love finding new people and I love teaching! I also love how the Book of Mormon can answer any questions you have! Its the best book in the world!
Love you all,
Sister Stacey

pic 1: The family from Puerto Rico

pic 2: The day we had the bikes was the hardest it has rained since I've been here. We were so soaked!!! haha fun fun got to love missionary work!

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