Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

So I don't have much time today. A member from the ward is taking us to Saratoga Springs for the day! I'm very excited!
This week was full of lots of fun events and random events. My companion went to Palmyra which they do at the end of their mission. So I went on exchanges with Sister Hale. It was her first transfer so it was interesting to be the senior companion. I was actually very proud of myself. We taught a lot of people and we found a great new investigator. We were in the park eating lunch and this lady was standing in front of us with her kids. We started to talk to her and she was so friendly and fun. We got her name and address and me and sister Despain went over to her house later in the week. She is a Jehovahs Whitness, but not really practicing anymore. Her oldest is Autistic and she has two littler girls. It was hard teaching a lesson with them, but we did it and they seemed interesting. We were really excited about that. They came to the ward fourth of July party and I was really happy about that. They really had fun and enjoyed it. Its good to show our investigators that the members are more normal than missionaries. I think some people think all members of the church have the strict rules of a missionary! haha It was so great and I'm really excited about them!
So we thought Scott would be really promising..but we were wrong. He has been acting kind of werid. He was suppose to meet us at the church and we were going to give him a church tour and a lesson but he never showed. We were on bikes and when we got to the church we were so sweaty and gross because we wanted to make it there on time. So it was sad when he didnt' show up. So on sunday we got him a ride to come to church and he came. We were sitting there during sacrament meeting and he had to go to the bathroom. So he left and we never saw him again. We lost him and when we called him he said he left and walked home. That this church just wasn't for him. I think he was nervous to bare his testimony, but he didn't have to. He was the one that found us and had such a great understanding. We were really sad. Were not sure if we are going to keep trying. Well see what happens with that. It was strange and funny at the same time that he just left in the middle of sacrament. haha
Well another transfer is over. I can't believe how fast the time goes. Sister Despain is going home and I'm kind of happy to not be the killer anymore. I have "killed" off two companions in a row. Not very fun! haha My new companion is coming from Syracus. Her name is siter Belnap and thats pretty much all I know. I'm guessing this will be my last transfer in Glenville. I'm very sad about that and I'm secretly hoping I will get to be here for two more transfers! So here I go again taking over the area!
The fourth of July was great! We didn't have to do any tracting which was the best part. We went to the ward breakfast and it was fun to be around members and we had investigators come which was exciting. We went to lunch with melanie and she came teaching with us that afternoon in Schenctady. Fourth of July and downtown Schenectady don't mix very well. When ever I heard a fire work go off...you think its a gun shot. haha scary! That night we went to a members home for dinner and they invited some people over that we might start teaching so it was good. It was a great fourth of July even with out the fireworks..I was in bed by the time those went off!
So I found out that my District Leader is really good friends with an Elder Edwards serving in the Institue in fort collins. So all my friends going to the institue should say hi to him from Elder Matangi (my District Leader). I love connection stories and I love colorado and anyone from there! I thought that was fun!
Well I wish I had more time to write. It was a great week and I'm looking forward for the next transfer. I hope we can find some more solid people to teach. Hope you all had a great fourth of July!
Sister Stacey

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