Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser Too!!!!!

I would first like to start my email off by saying THANK YOU THANK YOU all for the wonderful Birthday Wishes!!! I had a great birthday as a missionary! Luckily I have awesome members in my ward. Sister Sullivan was the best and made my favorite food and cake! It was so great to spend my Birthday dinner with their family. They are basically my second family here in New York. Also it was great that my birthday landed on a Sunday. Sundays are my favorite day of the week because we get to go to church and be with all the members. Also I guess the bishopric thought it would be fun to let me speak on my Birthday. I gave a talk on prayer and how it can help us grow closer to our Heavenly Father. I was really nervous at first, but it went well. It was a great day! So thank you!
This week has been amazing because it has been full of LOTS of referrals and new investigators. This is the first week into the transfer and having to take over the area is not an easy thing. My prayers lately have been focused a lot on finding new people to teach. Well this week my prayers were answered. We picked up a new investigator and her name is Michele. She has been going to church activities and church with members in our ward for years. She went to girls camp for the first time and loved it and went to her friends and asked if she could meet with us. We went over to their house and had a lesson with her and the members. It went so well and basically if she wanted to be baptized tomorrow she probably could! She was amazing! We hope to meet with her twice a week and get her progressing towards baptism. This just shows how important members are when they get involved with missionary work. When members get involved in missionary work it just helps us full time missionaries help those people progress faster. When members find people the investigators are always way more promising! So I'm really excited about Michele and I hope that we can set her with a date this week!
We picked up a new investigator from some less actives we meet with each week. We're not sure how interested he is, but it was great to see these less actives share what they believe. I think this has helped them get more back into the church. It was great! I have a special love for less actives and right now three of the less actives we meet with have been coming to church every week for the past month. I'm so excited about that! Its been a great thing to see them come and get involved!
We have also received a lot of referrals and we are hoping we can find some more solid investigators out of those referrals. So we will be busy busy this week! I'm excited about that!
Zone conference is tomorrow and I'm very excited! We have Zone Conference every three months so it feels like forever since we last had one. I'm excited to learn and those meetings always refresh me in a way to get back out there and keep trying. It pumps me up and they always remind me of how to constantly be trying. Also this week in District meeting they handed out portable DVD' players so we can study the preach my gospel DVDs. Crazy! Missionaries are being upgraded!
Theresa was going to come to church yesterday, but she slept in and didn't' have enough time to get all her kids to church. We would have went and helped her, but I had to be early to church because I was speaking. She said they even bought new dresses for the girls for church. Next week they will come for sure. Its been great to meet with her and she really enjoys learning about the gospel. I also made a primary CD for the two girls and they love to listen to those songs. We taught them the song popcorn popping and every time we go over there we have to sing it with the actions at least 10 times. haha So things are going good there!
Things really picked up this week and we were busy going from appointment to appointment. Its was a huge blessing for me because this area is basically on my shoulders until sister Belnap can get to know the area better.
Sister Belnap and I are getting along great and we are going to rock this transfer!! I can just feel it! hahaha
Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! I love you all!
I'm happy to be here in Glenville again! I never want to leave it! :)
Love you,
Sister Stacey

These are pictures of when I went to Saratoga a couple weeks ago and some from my Birthday!!!

Its know for their natural spring water. Some taste better than others
They have all these painted horses all over town
We went to a horse museum and I thought of my sister Catherine
My Birthday

My parents sent the best b-day package so thanks
Dinner at the Sullivan's! They are the best!

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