Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transfers..New Companion!

So I'm starting my fourth transfer here in Glenville this week and I'm very excited! I'm happy to still be here in Glenville and I'm in denial of ever leaving it. Sister Despain went home this week and it was sad to say goodbye. My new companion is Sister Belnap she is from Farr West Utah. She does NOT go home in six weeks which I am very thankful for! haha She just came from Syracuse so she will do great on the days we go to Schnectady. It's always a change and adjustment when getting a new companion, but it has been going well. These next couple of weeks will be lots of explaining and teaching sister Belnap about the area.
We have had a struggle lately at finding solid people. So far our most promising investigator is Thresea. We went to see her on Saturday and she had been trying to get her house ready for a showing (she is trying to sell it). The kids had destroyed it, so me and sister Belnap dropped our bags and helped her clean for a couple hours. She was very thankful for it and plus I think it will help us get her to church the next day. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with her and she really enjoyed it and she always has questions. We asked if she would come to church with the kids the next day and she agreed. I offered to come help her get the kids ready in the morning. So sunday morning we drove over to the house and no one would answer the door. Everyone was asleep. So we called the house and Thresea answered and let us in. We had 45 minutes to get everyone ready. While Thresea got ready we helped the kids get ready. We got them all in the car and were 10 minutes late. We barely made it in time for the sacrament. It was so great to have them there and I think she really enjoyed it. Her oldest was nervous to go to class alone so she had to sit in class with him, but she weas able to come to Relief Society. I think the kids loved it and she was saying how she would like to come next Sunday as well. Its stressful getting investigators to church, but we did it and they were happy!
We have been doing really well with less actives. I have a special place in my heart for less activites and I love meeting with them. We have been meeting with a woman, Sister Duval, and she has a son who is 16 years old. They started coming back to church and he got the priesthood on Sunday. She was very proud of her son and it was great to see her at church. She wants to go to the temple so we are going to start teaching her about the temple and get her there! It was so great!
So the Mia Maids in our ward here for their mutal night activity went to New York city to stand outside the today show. Only in New York can you do AMAZING awesome activities like that! I thought that was hilarious that it was a normal activity for them to do! I loved it!
The ward members here are actually starting to pick up on this whole missionary thing. We might have a couple potential investigators this week because of members. So we hope we can find some more investigators that way! I will have to keep you updated with that.
This week will be the first offical week of a new transfer. I'm focusing on making new goals and hoping we can get another baptism! I'm so happy I'm here in Glenville again, it really has become my home! I love it here!
Pictures! (I will send the Saratoga Pictures next week)

Pic 1) These kids sang gospel music to me it was awesome!

pic 2) New York has a lot of beautiful big rivers! I love it!

pic3 ) There is a famous cookie called the halfmoon cookie and I serve in Halfmoon city!

pic 4) A cool bridge!

pic 5) 4th of July!

pic 6) My favorite family! The Herrera Family! Cutest kids ever!

pic 7) I found a license plate with North Carolina and took a pic next to it because thats where my Dad served his mission!

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