Monday, June 13, 2011

..."For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them.." 2Nephi 4:15


So I thought I would share that scripture because that is really how I feel. I love learning from the scriptures and I get so excited when I learn something new.
This week was another great week! First off Melanie's baptism is this Saturday. She passed her interview and is set and ready to go. She is one of those people that others gravitate to. She has made so many friends in the ward and I'm guessing a lot of people will come this weekend to her baptism. I'm so excited for her to be baptized and especially excited for her to have the Holy Ghost with her always. That is what she is most excited about. She has invited her family from Brooklyn and friends from school so this will also be a great finding opportunity. We hope to teach a little bit about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon so I'll have to let you know how that goes.
Something funny.. As you all know my last name is also a first name. This has brought confusion to people we meet. They will always look to my Companion (sister Despain) and wonder why she has such a weird first name. Its always fun to explain to them that.."no this is really my last name not my first." I thought that was funny.. I feel bad for the rest of my companions. haha
This week was pretty interesting. We met up with a guy we have seen before and he is born again Christan. Well this week when Sister Despain and I went to meet with him he brought a friend. They both like ganged up on us. Telling us what we really believe and trying to tell us that they were their to save us. The whole time I was wondering why they were trying so hard to save us and bring us closer to Christ. Our name tag plainly says, " the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints" They don't think we believe in Christ. I don't think they can read. It was an interesting lesson and tension was their so we told them we aren't their to argue and then we left. Those lessons only strengthen my testimony. I'm so happy that I have the full gospel of Jesus Christ in my life!
Something interesting happened this week. Me and sister Despain were trying to put our air conditioner in the window and we were kind of struggling. Our neighbors who were across the hall saw and came over to help us. It was very nice of them, as they were about to leave the wife started to ask us about what we believe. She said she had been church hopping a lot trying to find a place to go. I was shocked and I just assumed that the 16 missionaries who lived here before us would have talked to them. I guess its all in the Lords' time. We had to go so we shared a brief message and told them we would come back. I felt bad for never talking to them before. You never know with neighbors, its not like the other people who slam the doors in your face you don't have to see them again. haha Anyways we are excited about that and hopefully we can get them to come to church one Sunday.
This week I also went on an exchange with the sisters who are in Benninghton Vermont. Me and Sister Goettsche were companions for the day. She is from Thorton Colorado so we had much to talk about. It was fun! I stayed here in Glenville and we worked around Schnecetady. It was so much fun and we ended up teaching 5 lessons that day. At the end of the day it was great to be back with Sister Despain. Its weird because you know that both of us working together in this area is what the Lord wants. It was cool to see the difference.
One of our Less Actives has come to all three hours of church two weeks in a row. Its been so great to see her come. We told her that when she comes to all three hours that she will recieve many blessings. We met with her last week and she said she had received blessings for attending. It was great to have her see for herself how the Lord works and is willing to help us as long as we keep the commandments and do our part. That was pretty exciting!
Well things here in Glenville are progressing. Me and sister Despain get along well and its been great to work with her. We have done really well at finding new people and teaching a lot. I'm excited for Saturday and I hope that everything goes well. I'm so happy to be here and help change others lives! Its been a great experience to bring others closer to Jesus Christ. I love the Gospel!
Until next time
Sister Stacey

pic 1: Sullivans were doing this Garage Sale thing and Mike Sullivan had his Hot Dog cart. We stopped by and had a hot dog and tried to get him to come to church on Sunday. haha

pic 2: Hot Dog cart

pic 3: Me and Sister Goettsche on exchange! love her!

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