Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"...will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliveranc​e." 1 Nephi 1:20


This week was so amazing. We went on exchanges this week and I was able to go back to Glenville. It's been a year since I left there and it was like going home. It was amazing, it felt like I never left. I put the scripture that I did because I believe being able to go to Glenville was a sweet tender mercy from the Lord. I feel like God is blessing me for all my hard work by letting me go to my last 2 areas before I go home. Friday night I was able to see the Andrew family. We totally surprised them and I think I almost gave her a heart attack. It was so great to see them all and be able to catch up on life. The next day I really wanted to see Melanie (my first baptism) The sisters haven't been meeting with her and last they heard she moved and they weren't sure she would be there. So we took a guess on where she would be living and we totally found her. It was perfect timing and she was so surprised/excited to see me. She has been struggling with coming to church so the lesson we had with her was amazing and now the sisters are going to see her more often. It was seriously amazing and I have missed her so much. I truly believe the Lord helped us find her. She had some new poems that she had written so I was able to hear her say some poems before I left. Later that day of course I went to the Sullivans and that was like going back home. I just love them so much and it was so much fun to be with them. Sister Sullivan mentioned it was cool for them to see me in the beginning of my mission and then seeing me now at the end. The sisters hopefully will start going over there more. I think it was such a good thing that I went. This week has just been so great and being able to go back to Glenville was like a dream come true. I could barley sleep all week because I was so excited!

The fourth of July was different but I will probably always remember it. That morning we went to our service. We help in an assisted living home, we help deliver food to the residents. We always go on Wednesdays, so we went to service and everyone was asking us why we were there.. haha They don't understand that we don't really get holidays. Later that afternoon we had our meeting with the new mission president. President and Sister Wirthlin are so awesome. They just came from Germany and he has a lot of great experiences. It was a different training we just got to know them. It was great to hear him talk about his father and the stories. So that was really cool. We had interviews with both of them and got to know them. It was fun, I won't have him for too long, but it will be fun to go to the temple with them tomorrow and get to know them a little better. That night some members had us over for a BBQ. We were able to see fireworks from our front porch. We sat with our neighbors and watched them. It was such a  great day! Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!

I'm coming to the end and this week is my last full week of my mission and I'm going to make it the best week! We are driving to Syracuse tonight spending the night and I will be at the temple tomorrow. YAY!!! Then we will drive back on wed. and work hard in lake placid. I am so excited to go to Syracuse I have missed it so much. Its amazing how much love you can have for these people. I just love them all so much and I can't wait.

Hope you all have a great week! Next week will be my last p-day. :(

Picture 1: Priscilla aka Missionary grandma took us out for ice cream. We love her!

Picture 2: The Andrew family in Glenville

Picture 3: The Sullivans!

Picture 4&5: All the sisters that went on Exchanges!

Picture 6: Sister Pitts and I were in the MTC together and it was to fun to see her at the end. Love her!

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  1. So, all I have to say is, THANK YOU! I am leaving for the Utica, New York mission in 29 days, and all of the sudden I stared getting incredibly nervous for it. While feeling discouraged, I somehow stumbled upon this blog, and it has lifted my spirits. It is wonderful to read these experiences and see the work that is being done in New York. I hope I may continue it. Thank you once again, this was definitely an answer to a prayer.