Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello From New York! (Week 4 in the Field)

Hello Everyone,
First off it sounds like my Dad did an amazing job in Chicago. I'm sad that I didn't hear his speech, but I can only imagine how amazing it was. I'm so glad that everyone went to support him! Even though he doesn't want to admit it, but I think it really meant a lot to him!
Well being in New York (Jimmer's Home State) there has been so much talk of BYU basketball its hard to stay away from it. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to use Jimmer as a resource to get people to learn more about the gospel. This thought always enters my mind, but lately we have been teaching the older crowd of people who probably would careless about Jimmer being mormon. Until the day we were in Schnetcady (which is ghetto-ville.) We were walking down the street and these three tall black guys in their 20's came walking towards us. I was nervous to stop them, but Sister Zwick didn't think twice she went right up to them and started talking about the church. They were so nice and we told them about what Mormons were and we gave them a mormon.org card. They were on their way to play basketball and started walking away. I then remembered the thought to use Jimmer as a resource and these boys were the perfect candidates to use it on. They were already down the street and I turn to sister Zwick and we yelled at them across the street.. "HEY!.....Do you know Jimmer Ferdette?" they yelled back "Yeah Yeah..he's cool!." We replied with a loud yelling voice "HE'S MORMON!" They nodded their heads "O cool!" and went on their way. We felt very accomplished having use the Jimmer resource in our teaching!
BYU has been the talk of the town unti after they lost. We were eating at the Bishops house Thursday night and he very kindly gave us the score before we left. It was hard to concentrate knowing that if they won this game they would make it to the next round. They said they would call us later that night to give us the final score. That night after planning me and Sister Zwick were waiting some what patiently by the phone. When the phone rang we jumped to the phone only to hear that it went into over time. We hung up the phone and were like screaming in our apartment. We then waited for the next call only to hear that they lost. Don't tell my dad, but I was secretly hopping they would lose so I wouldn't have to miss anymore games and I wouldn't have to be tortured hearing about them. hehe "SORRY!" lol My dad will probably never forgive me for saying that. Anyways, it was pretty funny that everyone was excited about it.
Even though we were sad with the loss of BYU we had a good week with teaching. We had an investigator come to church. She is a friend of a young women in our ward. It was so exciting that she wanted to come and we hope to start teaching her this week. We also received a referral from Head Quarters. As a missionary referrals are the best! We went and found this guy because he had asked for a Book of Mormon. When we started talking to him you could tell the spirit had already been working with him before we arrived. He had been trying to search for the truth and then we came along. We were so excited and started giving a short 5 minute review of the Restoration. I don't think he fully understands that we as missionaries come and teach, because he didn't want us to come. So in those 5 minutes I gave a brief description of everything. It was so amazing how strong the spirit was. I could feel the words come out of my mouth so smoothly and simply in a way he could understand. I had never explained it that well before. I was so excited to tell him everything we knew. He agreed with us that he thought there should be a modern day prophet. Its been really cool to tell people that Conference is next weekend and that the Prophet is going to speak to the whole world. It really catches their attention. After we talked to him and bore our testimony he told us he was going to start reading that night. We thought we should give him a week and we will talk to him next week. Its so hard to be patient, you just want to start teaching them everything right there. I can't wait to see where that will go.
This week I officially made a Mormon.org account so you should all try to find me. I encourage everyone if you don't have one to go make one. They are so cool and as a missionary its so helpful! SO GO MAKE ONE! :)
Well this Friday is Return and Report where after a month in the field we go back and have a meeting with my district from the MTC. I'm excited to see everyone and how they are doing!
Also while I was in the MTC KSL did a video on the MTC choir. They are planning on showing it in the middle of one of the Conferences so make sure to watch out for me and tell me if you see me in the video!
Thanks for all the letters and support! I love you all and its been so great to hear from some of you!
The church is SO TRUE!!!

Sister Stacey

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