Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update from Glenville New York!

Hello Everyone,

Another week has gone by and I can't believe it! This week was another great week! It finally started to get warm out and I wasn't wearing boots. It was the talk of the town, how nice it was getting. Well don't get your hopes up New Yorkers because Sister Zwick and I woke up to snow snow snow! I swear its never going to stop. For some reason every P-day it snows and tries to prevent us from getting to our computers. Take that snow because I made it to the Library! Speaking of the talk of the town everyone keeps talking about BYU basketball. On Thursday night we had enrichment and they were updating everyone on the scores. Also yesterday one of the counselors in the mission presidency related his talk on BYU basketball. I'm not gonna lie its been kinda tough to listen to that. Thankful for my grandparents and my dad I also get updates, but man it sounds like they are doing great. Its especially the talk of the town here in upper state New York. Everyone I talk to in the ward has some story about how they use to play Jimmer in stake basketball. Its pretty cool not gonna lie. It would be really cool if he came back for the summer and I some how met him. They don't have sister missionaries in his home town. They took them out and put elders.. :( I think they did it because were all secretly obsessed. hehehe Anyways, Go BYU! Sister Zwick and I had a really hard lesson with a less active this week. She was basically trying to destroy our testimonies and it wasn't very fun. In those moments we just had to bear our testimony and tell her what we believed. Its funny because she hasn't even read the Book of Mormon all the way through. Its really hard because you know it would bless their lives so much. We are meeting with her in a couple weeks and I'm pretty nervous about it. I hope it goes better the second time and hopefully well be strong! So the Elders needed our car for exchanges which meant me and sister Zwick were left on bikes. The area we are in is HUGE and it took us two hours to get to the nearest members home. It was a worthless day of trying to find former investigators and less actives. The area is just too big, but we had fun figuring it out. Our tires were really low so we stopped by the bishops house and his wife drove us around to find some places. The members here are AWESOME! Hopefully we don't have to do that again because it wasn't very beneficial! The Mission President came this week and taught our district and it was amazing. He really knows his stuff and really knows how to address the concerns of the missionaries. He talked about the importance of using the scriptures and having the spirit as we teach. We talk about what type of missionary we want to be. I know that by the end it just pumped me up. I want to be such a great missionary and I want to do it because the Lord needs me to do it. Forget myself and work! Its always fun to see them and the other missionaries. Thursday night we were trying to find a former investigator and we stopped at this house thinking it was this person. As soon as we were walking up to the door this lady walked out and started to talk to us. We explained who we were and started talking to her about her faith. She said she was a born again Christan and I got really nervous when she said that. They usually push us away right away. She was really opened to us and said she wanted to go to church. Then she became very open with us, telling us her husband had died awhile ago in a car accident. I bore my testimony on the plan of salvation and how she will be able to see her husband again. I asked her if she would like that and she began to cry. We were placed there at that moment only by the spirit. He knew that we needed to find her. She unfortunately didn't show up for church but were going to try and teach her this week. I really hope she listens because I know the gospel will bless her life. I remember as I was bearing my testimony to her I was so happy to be able to comfort her. I was happy to be able to give her answers! We are so lucky to know them and have the gospel!This week sister Zwick and I were able to meet with a less active who is having Word of Wisdom problems. She wants to go to the temple with her family but can't seem to get there and get over her addiction. We asked her to come to church and we told her if she follows the commandments and does her part the Lord will help her and she needs to have faith. We planned on talking to her about faith in the lesson and before we even started she kept talking about faith and how she needed to have it. It was amazing and she came for two hours on Sunday with her family. That was great progress and I think she really wants to get to the temple. She wants to go to the Boston Temple so were going to find her a picture to put in her house to remind her to get there. Just in these past three weeks I have learned that I love to talk to people. I love just meeting people! Its been such a great blessing to have that opportunity. Everyday we meet new people and in every situation no matter what the problems are we can help them. We can help them only because of the gospel. The gospel addresses any situation and answers all questions. Its been so much fun to meet people and get them back on the road to eternal life. I love laughing with them and talking about their lives. Something that I learned is always keep a foot in the door. We as missionaries can keep trying and just love them. If we stay in their lives a little bit maybe in the future they will let us come in the door. Its important we do that with everyone we know. Plant that seed in their lives! Its such a great thing!This week we also found 3 new investigators and I'm really excited about that. The lord really blessed us this weekend. Hopefully we can keep teaching them and bring them closer to Christ. Its taken us a little longer to make our teaching pool bigger because we were both new to the area, but I have a feeling its going to only get bigger. I can't wait for another great week! Hopefully we can make some progress and get closer to some baptisms! I love being a missionary! I love meeting people! I love answering people's questions about the gospel because we always have an answer! Keep up the missionary work at home!


Sister Stacey

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