Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NEW YORK!!!! (P-Day = Monday)


Ok funny story. I have been waiting all week for today so that I could write my first email. We woke up to snow snow snow! We did our study and then went in the car to leave to come to the library. Well because the snow is so awesome we got stuck and our neighbors had to helped us get our car out of the snow. An hour later we finally got it out and went to the library and it was closed! AHHH! So we drove across town to another one. Its been a long morning, but nothing was going to stop me from writing my first email!

So I'm finally here. I left the MTC last week and it was sad to leave my comp and my district. I know its weird but I kind of miss the MTC. :( It was a great experience. I was able to see my cousins the last Sunday and it was so much fun. I left the MTC at 4 in the morning and arrived in Syracuse at 4 in the afternoon. It was so much fun to talk to my family in the airport. I was able to call my dad who was in New Zealand. It felt so normal, like I never left. It was great! We got off the plane and my mission president and his wife were there waiting for us. My mission president had the biggest smile on his face and was so happy. They were so welcoming. We all went and ate pizza and got to know our mission president and his wife more. We went to their home and had interviews and orientation and went to bed early! The next day we were to be assigned to our new area and companion. We went to the mission office and had our first meeting. I was assigned to my new companion. I don't know what it is but God has blessed me so much with my companions. My trainer is AWESOME! Her name is Sister Zwick and she is from Alpine Utah. She is leaving in May which is sad but I am so blessed to have her. We have so much fun together and she has the most amazing spirit. I have already learned so much from her. So after I met my trainer we were assigned an area. Something they do on missions is "double in" an area. This is not too fun it means that both missionaries have no knowledge of the people or the area. So we got doubled in to the Glenville area. We both got here on Wed. and had to start from scratch. We have been trying to build up a pool of investigators and less actives but it is keeping us busy. I just love my trainer; she is amazing when she teaches I hope that I can be just like her someday. One thing about being in this area is we get a car!! YAY! So my back hasn't been giving me problems and that is an amazing blessing. Our third companion is called GPS.. hehe we would probably die or be lost with out it. I'm so glad I brought one. The roads here are sooo confusing! My first day of tracking we went to downtown Schenectady. We went to meet up with a former investigator who at the time we showed up was being taught by a Jehovah’s Witness. My first contact/lesson ever was with this guy and all he talked about was war and how could Mormons be in ward. My companion and I handled the situation well but it wasn't till after we left we both had to laugh, only because that happened to be my first contact ever! It was a cool experience. Schenectady is a way ghetto place and I'm sure at times we were walking in places we probably shouldn't have been walking. hehe We knocked on this guys door and asked him if he had a belief in God and he said, "he's alright" We thought that was hilarious. Its kinda cool to see how the holy ghost works with people. We knocked on this one ladies door and she was crying and said "nows not a good time we just had a death in the family" The things the people say you know that the Holy Ghost was trying to let us know. We are excited to try and get a lesson in with her next week. I think just from this week's experience it has made me so excited to meet lots of people. People are hilarious and Its so fun to just talk to everyone! When we street contact I'm still a little shy, but my comp never lets a person walk by. I hope through out these next couple of months my shyness will go away and I will be more comfortable talking to people! So Sunday was absoutley amazing! My companion was in heaven because she just came from an area where there were 14 people in her branch. The ward we go to is the biggest ward in the mission. The members were amazing and we already have a meal with a member every night this month. I learned as a missionary how much you appreciate members! I encourage everyone as a member to try and have missionaries over for dinner more often. You love their company and through members you get refferals! It’s amazing! Just this Sunday we got 2 refferals! So this Sunday was fast and testimony meeting so we thought it would be good to introduce ourselves to the ward so we went up to give our testimonies. I said I was from Colorado and afterwards I found out that there are two missionaries from the ward i'm serving in that are serving in the Denver North mission. (Smith and Sullivan) Going to church was so much fun, I can't wait to get to know the rest of the ward! So there is a man here that is not a member, but his whole family is. The missionaries have been to his home for 20 years trying to convert him, but never have been able to. His whole family goes to the ward here. When we went to go visit him this week we found out that his son Matt Sullivan is serving in the Denver North mission. He was so excited and we talked about his son. I'm sure my Dad knows him. I hope that this is the connection we need to get him baptized! I really hope we can, he is just a great guy! It’s just a small world! So I will keep you updated on that as well! I'm not gonna lie this week has been hard to adjust into, its a lot different the MTC. I find that when I’m working and teaching it’s easier to forget about work and focus on the people. The more I get to know people and want to help them the more I feel like this is really where I'm suppose to be! New York is sooo beautiful and there are tree's everywhere I hope that I can come back and live here someday. Well I better go, but I can't wait to keep you updated on these people we have meet. I"m doing so great and I know the Lord placed me with my Trainer sister Zwick and in this area for a reason. I can't wait to find out waht that reason is. My testimony has grown with faith. Faith is which is hoped for not seen, I know that if I study and pray often the lord will lead me to those in need of this message. I need to have faith and if i'm doing the right things and being obedient we will find those who need to hear our message. I have also grown a huge testimony of the scriptures. The more I read them the more I can apply them to my life now as a missionary. I'm so grateful to have them as a guide today! We are so blessed to have them in our lives! The more I see peoplel's lives with out the gospel the more I become more grateful to have it in my life! This is truly an amazing experience! I know this church is true! GO TO CHURCH AND HELP MISSIONARIES!

I love you all so much!

Until next time!


Sister Stacey



So I might get transferred in 6 weeks I might not, but if you want to get something to me faster and you know it will get to me before 6 weeks is over use this address

Sister Jennifer Stacey

15 C Ashdown Rd

Ballston Lake, NY


If you just want to keep it safe and you don't know where I will be in 6 weeks use this address and they will send me a letter where ever I am.

Sister Jennifer Stacey (make sure you put my first name)

New York Utica Mission

P.O. Box 149

Whitesboro, NY


I forgot, but we taught this family and the mom isn't a member. Both the Husband and the wife work for Guitar hero and Rock band. they design the characters. I was so excited and it was a great conversation starter! I was lovin it, because we all know I love guitar hero. I kinda met famous people! hehe it was so cool! Also we went to this less actives ladies house and the whole night she kept bringing up her visiting teacher. How her V.T. dropped cookies off and how she had kids but still found time to read the scriptures. So because of the V.T. was doing that this lady started to read her scriptures. After leaving her house I gained a testimony of visiting teaching. I know it seems awkward and dumb, but I could see in this ladies eyes her appreciation for her V.T. You don't realized how much impact you have on people and from then on I will never forget to visit teach. it really does help and I'm so grateful we have it. It was so amazing!


Some pictures from the MTC

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