Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bed Bugs and Baptism Date...Bittersweet week!


Wow, where do I start. This week has been crazy! Remember last week when I told you my companion was getting weird bites all over her body..well we figured out where it was coming from. Last Monday we ate at the Dinkel's one of our favorite families in the ward. Both of them served foreign missions so they were telling us stories. They started to talk about gross bugs that were on their mission..so we decided to tell them that Sister Zwick had been getting weird bites. They believed it was Bed Bugs(a problem New York is having). We went to the Internet to research and they showed us pictures of bed bug bites and they looked exactly like sister Zwicks. They started to read the description of where they come from and what they do.These bed bugs hide in your clothes and your bed and come out at night and bite you..ewww He read this part that stuck out to us saying they come out to bite you right before dawn. We left our dinner appointment freaked out and feeling itchy. That night was probably the worse nights sleep I have ever had so far on my mission. Me and sister Zwick woke up every hour waiting for dawn to come, because we knew that when dawn would come they would come out of the bed to bite us. We were freaked out! The next morning we called my mission Presidents wife who told us, sure enough you have bed bugs. She told us that we should take all our clothes and go wash them and spray down our whole apartment and beds with this poison stuff. We called a member who lives by us and she was more than happy to help us. With out question she had us come over to wash our clothes. We went in and out because we had lessons we had to teach. That night we went to a members home to celebrate passover. I was so excited, I hadn't celebrated passover since I was in Israel. The member used to be Jewish so he was able to do it just like I remembered. (I was in heaven) We were all sitting around the table reading in Exodus about the different plagues that occurred. Sister Zwick was reading in chapter 8 and she started reading the verse where it says, "And the river shall bring forth frogs..which shall go up and come into thine house, and into they bedchamber, and upon thy bed..." at this very scripture we both started to laugh. We had to be serious because it was in the middle of passover, but all we could think about was how our apartment has nasty bed bugs everywhere and this scripture relates too well not to laugh. It was one of those moments. After passover we went home to spray our apartment and the member Sister Maughn let us spend the night so we wouldn't have to sleep with the poison. I'm not kidding that night we slept the best we have since we came out on our missions. It was amazing and we didn't have to worry about bugs biting us. The next day we had to wash more clothes and we went home thinking they would all be gone. Two days later we saw some more. We really don't know what else to do. So we still sleep in terror waiting for the little bugs to bite. Now I fully understand the phrase.."Sleep Tight...Don't let the bed bugs bite" I feel so blessed to have such awesome members around to help us. They have been so willing to help! I really don't know what we are going to do, every morning I have to check my clothes before putting them on just in case a bug is stuck to it. I have been thinking about my two older sisters and how they probably would have literally died by now. hahah Its been such a crazy week, I really hope we can get rid of these bugs, because its been really hard to focus. I just want to be able to come home at night and relax, but instead I'm always worried about where I walk and sit. gross...I'm so glad I'm not serving in a South America mission. If I can't handle this..I would have not been able to survive those missions. haha

Despite the bed bugs we had the best blessing come. I SET MY FIRST BAPTISM DATE!!! We met with a 11 year old girl this week named Timmia. We have been meeting with her for awhile and we felt it was time to set her with a date. We first asked her when she would like to be baptized and she wanted to do it on her birthday..which is Feb. 24th..um.. too far.. we then were able to get the date to May 14th. She was so excited and she said the sweetest prayer afterwards about how she was so excited about baptism and that she hopes we can find more people to teach like her. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day, I was so excited! I really hope she will stick to her date and we can get her baptized! It just made me so happy! The Lord is really watching out for us.

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. We ate at the Bishops home Saturday night and we were able to decorate some eggs. I'm all about holiday stuff, so that was so much fun! Easter Sunday was amazing! We ate at a members home for dinner and that was so much fun. Afterwards we went over the Sullivans for some dessert and spiritual message. I'm pretty sure the Sullivans are my second family here in Glenville. Sister Zwick and I just love going to their house and visiting with them. Sister Sullivan is awesome and always fun to be around and of course we love teaching her husband. Last night their oldest son did a spiritual lesson and we watched the conference talk by Elder Holland called "None were with him" If you haven't heard that one, I very much recommend it. The spirit was so strong! It was such an amazing talk that portrayed Christ and his last days beautifully. It really made you think of how he must have felt and how thankful we should be to him. I thought about when I was in Israel and I was able to walk the last week of his life. I remember feeling sad when we started in the garden of Gethsemane and it grew to almost anger when he was tortured and then we ended our day in the Garden Tomb and then I became happy. I left that day feeling happy because "He is Risen" he was resurrected. That's what we should focus on and be happy about. This Easter Sunday was amazing and its always great to reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ and remember all the sacrifices he made for us so we never have to be alone.

Despite the bugs this week was a great week and I was able to set my first baptismal date which made up for everything. I'm so excited about that! I also was thinking of my best friend Ali all day on the 21st who got married. CONGRATS! I love you and I'm so happy for you! Hopefully we can figure out this bed bug problem!

Love you all,

Sister Stacey

pic 1) the bed bug

pic 2) sis zwick spraying the bugs

ewwww gross....

pic 3) Decorating easter eggs wiht Sarah the bishops daughter. She loves when we come over!

pic 4) Me at Passover mean this is the sedar plate

pic 5) Easter Morning with the eggs we decorated!

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