Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone,

This week was kind of a bummer week with lessons. It felt like every lesson we had set up with someone they would cancel on us or not remember when we showed up for the appointment. Its hard not to get discouraged when that happens. I don't think these people realize that this is all we do every day all day long. (hahaha) They don't realize that we get excited to meet with them and teach them, its what we look forward to in the morning. haha We had some great people lined up to teach this week and most of them fell through. I thought of Chapter 8 in Alma. Alma goes to the city Ammonihah to preach the gospel, but when he gets there and starts preaching he is persecuted and cast out of the city. He leaves the city feeling.."sorrow and an anguish of soul" (v.14), but then an angel appears to him and tells him to go back again and preach unto the people. So Alma goes back and finds Amulek who is prepared by the spirit to learn from Alma, then together they go preach to the people. I love this chapter because it reminds me as a missionary to never give up. That I should keep trying to find people then the Lord will eventually give me an Amulek someone who has been prepared by the Spirit to hear the words of the Lord. This chapter gave me comfort and like it says in the scripture.. "caused me to rejoice!"

Later in the week we did meet with a family who I believe are prepared. Conference morning we went to an appointment, but the women wasn't there. As we were walking back to our car we met a women (Precious) with her two boys. We started to talk to her and she told us she just moved here and was looking for a church to go to. We met with her and her boys this weekend. We taught the message of the restoration and her boys were willing to participate and read scriptures with us, it was so great! We met her fiance Simba who was incredibly nice. I have a great feeling about them and they committed for sure to attend church Easter Sunday! I'm very excited for next weekend!

Sunday was a great sabbath day! We had two investigators come to church. One was Melanie, she is girl our age going to Union college. She loves church and is very prepared for the message. It was great to see her at church. The other investigator we had that was so exciting was one of our investigators who is the only non-member in his family. He has been meeting with missionaries for over 15 years. We called him the night before to remind him and couldn't wait to get to church to see him there. We waited by the door and we saw his wife and he wasn't there and we got really sad, but when she saw us she said, "don't worry he is coming." We went and sat down and 10 minutes later he walked in and sat with his family. I wish you could have seen our faces. We both had the biggest smiles! We were so happy! We made sure afterwards to get him to Sunday school and with great fellowship from one of the ward members we got him to come to class. The lesson was on sacrifice and it was seriously one of the most powerful lessons I have ever attended at church before. We had two less actives there as well and it was so great to talk about Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. It was a beautiful lesson and I'm so grateful we had an investigator there to hear it. Afterwards we asked if he would stay for priesthood and he was already planning on it. It was a great feeling to get him there to church. He works every other Sunday so we hope to get him there again in a couple of weeks! Our prayers were surely answered that day!

Well I'm excited for Easter Sunday and I hope that we can all remember our Savior and what he has done for us. I just encourage everyone to read Alma 7. "And he shall go forth suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind...he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people.." Two years ago this Easter Sunday I sat in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem Israel, I remember trying to imagine how Mary felt the day she saw Christ after he was resurrected. I have a testimony that Jesus is the Christ. He did die for us that we can return to our Heavenly Father. Christ is the central to our gospel and he is central to Heavenly Fathers plan of salvation. If it wasn't for Christ we would not be able to repent, we would dwell in our sins forever, but by the atonement we can be free of sin and live in happiness and peace. This is a great message that we should all know and apply in our lives. I'm so grateful for Him!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


Sister Stacey!

Pic 1: They just opened a the first Frozen Yogurt place here in glenville area. We went during our dinner break and it was PACKED with people. Frozen yogurt places are not popular out east. Me and Sister Zwick were really excited though to get some!

Pic 2: Sister Zwick has been getting weird bug bites every night. So we think we might have bed bugs. So we had to clean out our room and beds. Not very fun! Well hopefully that helps! haha

Pic 3: We go visit this Older women in a home and when we went that day they said the floor was on restriction from vomiting. Gross! We still went and visited her!

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  1. Yay, I just found this blog. Sister Stacey looks great and sounds great. I love to hear about your teaching pool and your efforts to shepherd it. We're praying for them, and you.
    P.S. Did I ever tell anyone how much I love missionaries!?