Monday, April 11, 2011

First transfer is over!

Hello Everyone,
Another great week here in Glenville New york! This weeks schedule was a little different. At the end of our missions we get to go to Palmyra and go to the temple and visit the Sacred Grove. Well my companion sister Zwick got to do that this week. So we drove down to Utica monday night and stayed at the mission home. On tuesday when she went to the temple I went to Fayettville for the day. There were four of us sisters blitzing the area. That morning me and Sister Pitts went around together. Sister Pitts was in my district in the MTC. My mission President seemed very excited to have two "rookies" out together. It was funny to think that a month ago we were in the MTC and now we were out knocking doors together. We did pretty well, but it felt like no one was home and was kind of a dead morning. Then in the afternoon I went with sister Pitts companion and we went to lessons. We went to a lesson to teach this guy Larry. When we went into his apartment there was music all over the place and he played us some music on the guitar it was cool. It was definitely weird teaching a lesson without sister Zwick. Later that day we went to teach a lesson to this guy and he wasn't home, but.. his son answered the door and seemed really interested in learning. It made me sad that I couldn't teach him again.. haha It was weird teaching in a different area and with different people. The whole day I missed my home (Glenville). I missed the people I was teaching.. I was so excited to go home! At the end of the day I was SOOO happy to see Sister Zwick. I missed her so much, I'm not saying I didn't like serving with the other sisters, but I was excited to see my companion again. We went back to Glenville the next day and I was sooo happy to be home! Its going to be so hard when the time comes for me to leave that place!
Exciting news! We met this girl Melanie a couple weeks ago and we finally got to meet with her this week. She has some friends in the ward she comes to church with so she just needs the discussions. We met with her on Friday. She lives on the campus of Union College. It was weird walking around all these students my same age. Side note story; Sister Zwick and I were walking down this street and this college boy was walking right towards us. He was our age and she turned me and said, "you got this sister." I looked at her and said "no way!" I was so nervous to talk to him and if it wasn't for Sister Zwick starting the conversation I would have walked right past. It wasn't so bad after we started to talk to him and turned out to be fine. I'm starting to think a college town would not be a fun place to serve. It would make me too nervous..haha I should probably start to work on that nervousness. haha Anyways, we met with her and the first thing she talked to us about was the Spirit. She started explaining this feeling she gets when she goes to church. This was my first time ever hearing someone explain the Spirit, it was so amazing! I couldn't stop smiling because I knew what it was and I was so excited to tell her what it was. The lesson went amazing and she was so excited to learn about Joseph Smith and the first vision. When we got to the part about Joseph praying in the sacred grove she stopped us and said "I'm having that feeling right now!" The spirit was so strong and I knew she felt it! It was a great reward as a missionary to hear her say that! I'm excited to meet with her and I believe she will be my first baptism!
This week we also met with a woman named Delea. She is so cute and has 3 kids. Every time we go over there to teach her, her kids are so involved and love it when we come over. We even had the little girl give the prayer and she was so excited. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and pressed the importance of having our families together forever and she really liked that idea. We told her to watch conference and the time she happened to flip it on was during President Monson's talk on temples. How perfect! She is still hesitant on coming to church which is a bummer! We want her to come because we know her kids would love it! So we'll see where that goes!
So this week is transfer week. Saturday night we get the transfer calls telling us if were staying or leaving. Me and sister Zwick were anxiously waiting by the phone. When the phone rang my heart dropped... I DO NOT like these transfer calls they're nerve racking! We answered and the Elders asked if we had any guesses. We guessed that we were both staying and we were right! We were both so relieved! This means I will be here until July for sure and sister Zwick will finish her mission here. I don't know if I can handle 12 more of those calls! haha They can be scary!
Well another exciting week here in Glenville New York! I miss you all at home and hope life is going as great as mine! Apparently it's the summer to get married. I have yet to hear back from my best friends who are getting married Lindsey, Snarr and Mike! So write me! I want to hear about it! Other than that hope everything is going great back home!
Love you all,
Sister Stacey

Pic 1: We had to take this one

Pic 2: We went to the City for the weekend.. jk there is a mini Statue of liberty downtown Schenctady

pic 3: I almost didn't recognize it because i never use my first name anymore.. thought this was cool. Now i have picture with a jennnifer rd in New york and a Stacey Ln in Jackson Hole wyoming. haha

Pic 4: There are so many beautiful churchs in upper stake new york. This was in Fayetteville my day with outsister Zwick

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