Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord and they shall fish them..and after will I send for many hunters and they shall hunt them" Jeremiah16:16

It was good to finally have a normal week and just be able to focus on missionary work. We got back into our routine and were able to see some success. One of our investigators name is Edwin and the sisters before me found him. He almost dropped us, but he prayed and got his answer that the Book of Mormon was true. He was so happy and wants to be baptized. We have one obstacle and that is smoking. So this week we started the stop smoking program with him and we met with him every single day to help him. So far he has been doing so great and I hope he quits for good. Its been so fun to see how happy he is. When we started the program the first step for him was for him to crush his cigarettes. So we asked him to do that and he said that he couldn't do that. Me and sister Gifford were like..."oh no what do we do now" After a lot of talking it out he finally crushed the cigarettes and we were so happy! I'm not sure what we would have done if he hadn't..it was kind of awkward for a moment. So Edwin has been doing great at quitting smoking! Pray for him!
We are also teaching a man named Dwight who also has a baptism date. He is so awesome! We had a lesson with him earlier in the week on Monday and he opened up to us and told us that he felt guilty to pray now when life was going hard. We were originally teaching about prophets, but the Spirit had something else in mind. We ended up talking about prayer and how it could really help him in his life right now. He has been going through a lot of problems with his health and school. So we told him to pray that night and the next morning. A couple days later when we called him he was so happy. He said that he prayed and everything went perfect that day. Everything fell into place and he even saw a member from the church on the bus and was able to talk to him. He was so happy that he had prayed. It was so great to see that he was able to see for himself the blessings that come from keeping the commandments. It was so exciting!
I'm not sure why, but I just love less actives and love even more when I can get them to read again and even come to church again. I went through the list and found a name of a man who lived close by. So we stopped by and he was home and set up a time to come back. We went over Friday night and met him and his 13 year old daughter. He was way cool and he said he just hasn't been back. He said that missionaries in the past have tried to teach his daughter, but she was way too shy to talk to them. Well I tried to connect to her by asking questions.. I found out that she loves animal movies and video games. Well I do know a little bit about those things. She reminded me so much of my little sister and I started talking to her about movies and she started to open up at the end. It was so great! I invited them to come to church on Sunday and he said he would. So Sunday came and I was worried that they wouldn't come, but we got them a ride and they came! It was so great and I think his daughter loved going to young womens and we got her to go to the youth activity this weekend. I'm really excited and I hope they come again next week. I really hope we can start teaching her!
I have been looking up some of the formers (people missionaries taught in the past) in the area. We found an Asian couple and I called them and they wanted to meet. When we got there and started teaching it seemed like he still had a lot of problems he needed to work out. They believed there is a God, but not a God that actually cares about them and knows them. After the lesson it really came down to them praying and knowing if there really is a God. We asked to come back and they said no. :( Sometimes I get too excited too fast. It's hard and I just wish I could give them what I know and feel, but it doesn't work like that. I think that's one of the hardest parts of a mission. I just wish I could give everyone I teach my feelings, but that would be too easy and not apart of God's plan. I try and remember that and just have faith that the Lord is aware of those people.
So at the end of the day we press on and keep going. When people tell us that they already have their own bible we keep going, when they slam the door in our face, we keep going, when they tell us they don't want to meet anymore, we keep going. Why do we keep going you ask.. because I know this Gospel is true and I want everyone to have the chance to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has asked us "Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost." Matt 28:19 The Lord is counting on me and that is why I keep going!
Thank you all for your letters of encouragement and support! I love you all!
Sister Stacey

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