Monday, June 18, 2012

"Remember Lot's wife." Luke 17:23

I actually have some awesome stuff to talk about this week. This week was the last District Meeting we had with President and Sister Bulloch. It was so sad to say goodbye. That was the last time I would see them as a missionary. President Bulloch is an amazing teacher and I will miss his trainings. His last training was focused around the scripture "remember Lot's wife" If you know the story of Lot's wife then you will know what he is talking about. He related it to how us missionaries shouldn't look back and that we need to look forward. Once we decided to become a disciple of Jesus Christ we made that commitment that we would follow him forever. No looking back or dwelling on the past. My mission president is really passionate about changing the missionary. He told us it's important to preach the gospel while we are out here, but it is most important that we change and that we are willing to be pushed to the limit to show God that we love him more than we love worldly things. It makes sense why we missionaries have to be cut off from the world in order to understand what God wants us to understand about the Gospel. How do we follow Christ? We need to separate ourselves from all ungodliness (Alma 5:57) I'm so grateful for my mission because I don't think I ever would have "got it" if I wasn't separated from the world. It was a great training especially for me right before I go home. I hope that I will never look back and as I move on with life to look forward. I hope that we can all try this and remember lot's wife.

Another great story: Last week we got a phone call from an Elder who had just finished his mission and was visiting his areas with his family. They went to the Lake Placid church and this lady happened to be there checking out the church. She wasn't a member so this elder and his family talked to her for quit a bit about the church. She said because of Mitt Romney she wanted to know more about the mormon church so she had been studying on They got her name and gave us her information. So this week we were in Tupper Lake which is an hour drive from lake placid so we don't go often. We thought we would try her before our dinner appointment. She answered and was excited to see us and invited us in. She was so happy we came and was talking highly about the church and how she had been on We didn't have much time so we asked if we could come back. We gave her a book of mormon and she said she was excited to do some homework while we were gone. It was so amazing. After we left I'm pretty sure we jumped down the street like little girls. haha This is such a great example of what can do. Share this website with your friends. It truly can prepare them to hear the gospel!

Its been a great week! I love being here in Lake Placid! I love life and I love sharing the Gospel!

Love you all,

Sister Stacey

Pictures: Last District Meeting with President and Sister Bulloch


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