Monday, October 10, 2011

"And now my brethren, if our brethren seek to destroy us, behold we will hide away our swords, yeah even we will bury them deep in the earth.." Alma

"And now my brethren, if our brethren seek to destroy us, behold we will hide away our swords, yeah even we will bury them deep in the earth.." Alma 24: 16

Another great week here in Syracuse New York. The weather here is very random, last week it was freezing cold and now its been in the high 70's. We better take advantage of the nice weather before the winter comes. We picked up four new investigators this week, and had some great lessons with our other investigators. The reason for my opening scripture was for our lesson with Dwight. He has been trying to quit coffee so we decided to read this chapter with him and relate it to coffee. It was fun and there were a lot of laughs. There is a part in the chapter where they bury the swords. We were going to bury his coffee pot, but he didn't want to do that. So we took it with us after the lesson. When we saw him at church on Sunday we asked how he was doing, he said "well I haven't had any coffee this morning!" So we hope that he can stay off coffee so he can get baptized next month! YAY!
So a couple weeks ago we were having a lesson with Dwight and his friend Li called and was worried because someone had broken into her place. He thought we could help so we went with him to see his friend. We got her number and told her if she needed anything to call us. We thought afterwards that it was a waste of our time and we probably shouldn't have gone. Well this week I was calling some potentials on the phone. We had another potential also named Li and I thought I was calling her, but it was actually Li (Dwights friends). I set up an appointment and I was all excited and when I looked at the address I realized I had called the wrong Li. I felt dumb, but then I realized this would be a opportunity to teach someone new. So this Saturday we went to her house and her roommate was there as well. They both are from China going to Grad school here at Syracuse University. They both wanted to learn more about the church, I was so excited! So we started teaching the first lesson, but it went completely different. Neither of them had any knowledge of God or Jesus Christ. So as we were teaching the first lesson we were able to go into depth and explain who Jesus Christ was and what he did. He was so cool! I have been wanting to teach people from China so badly. So I'm really excited! Its kind of cool that they haven't been drilled with this back knowledge of the gospel. They are fresh and new at Christianity. We gave them a preview on the Plan of Salvation and they can't wait to meet again. I'm really excited about them!
Saturday was full of lots of service, it was great. That morning we were able to help the Elders investigator garden and pull some weeds. Then later that afternoon we helped our investigator. She was having a birthday party for her son and they were all going to camp out in the backyard. She was so stressed so we went over to help set up the tents. I'm sure it looked so funny with two sister missionaries in skirts setting up tents. I wish I had a picture of that! Its a good thing I love camping and I know how to set up a tent. It was fun! All day we had been in and out of lessons and doing service the last lesson of the night was with a recent convert. Sister Gifford and I were seriously so tired and I'm not sure how we stayed awake, but we did it. I slept really well that night!
I'm really excited about some of these new investigators we picked up. The week goes by so fast and it all blends together so I always forget what has happened to write about on Mondays. I love being here in Syracuse! Its great to be on a mission! I feel so blessed to be able to have this experience!
I love you all,
Sister Stacey

Picture: We are putting together a Halloween party! I'm excited about it!

Pic 2: Some pictures of Syracuse and fall is coming!

Pic 3: Pictures of Syracuse

Pic 4: Our garden Service project! It was fun!

pic 5: Service!

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