Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"....The Holy Spirit of God did come down from heaven and did enter into their hearts..they were filled as if with fire.." Helaman 5:45

This week was another great week. On Tuesday I had a great experience that I will always remember. A member in the ward is good friends with a professor at a local community college. Each semester she has missionaries come in so that her students can ask questions. Its an Anthropology class and they did a section on mormons. So six of us missionaries went into a class room. We walked in and they had all these chairs set up in the front of the room. I felt like we were on exhibit.. It was the coolest experience to be able to answer there questions and show them that were just normal people like they are. I thought they were going to ask deep doctrine questions because thats what I'm use to as a missionary, but they just wanted to know about us and why we chose to be a missionary. We were all able to introduce ourselves and tell them where we are from and what we did before our missions. At the end of introductions a girl in the class raised her hand and said "I noticed that each of you said something about how happy your are..why are you all so happy?" A big smile went on my face because I know that I was happy because I have the restored gospel in my life. My companion did a great job at answer her question. The member that came with us told us that if we didn't know how to answer a question to just look at him and he would take over. Well of course the questions came up about polygamy and homo-sexuality and all of our heads turned to the member.. It was funny! They were all so amazed that we had taken this time out of our lives to come share this message. They seriously could not believe that we only talked to our families twice a year on the phone. I for sure cracked some jokes and brought some humor in answering some questions. It was so important to me that they saw that we are normal and we can have fun as well. I'm so happy that I had that experience and the chance to show them that. The spirit was definitely there and all of them took Book of Mormons afterwards. Not sure if anything will come of it, but we did plant some seeds. Now they know that mormons dont' have multiple wives..that's good enough for me. haha
We got a referral from Mormon.org from a girl named Melissa. We called her and she was really exicted to meet with us. We met with her on Thursday and she is basically amazing! She has cousins and an Uncle who are members living in Utah. She said she has really liked the way they lived and could tell a difference in their home. They gave her a book of mormon and the link to General Conference. She was basically describing the spirit when she telling us about when she watched General Conference. She said that when she goes to the Catholic Church she just feels like something is missing. She can't wait to come to church and read the book of mormon. These lessons are not normal and I usually don't like putting the title of "Golden" but she was pretty close to that. Sadly she is moving next month to Texas to join the Air Force. So we will teach her as much as we can before she goes and maybe she can connect with the missionaries there. I love that about the church. You can go to church anywhere you go in the world! Its amazing!
We had a great lesson with our investigators who are form China. Those lesson are seriously so awesome. They take a bit longer because we have to explain about Christ and Heavenly Father. Its really a great experience. Imagine what you would tell someone who doesn't know anything about Jesus Christ. What would you say? Where would you start? Its a very hard thing to do because there is to much. So we have to take a step back and start wtih square one..Christ and heavenly father. At the end of the lesson we asked one of themto say the prayer.. she paused and said "Does God speak Chinese?" We all started laughing.. it was fun!
We got an investigator to the singles branch which is the first time since I've been here. That was exciting and I think he enjoyed it. We had a lesson afterwards with some members and we taught the Plan of Salvation. Everytime I teach that it just confirms to me that this church is so true. God loves us so much that he created this great plan for us. We also taught this young mother yesterady. She was so spiritual and I could tell she is searching. She has two cute little kids and they reminded me of my cute niece and nephew. I want them to have the restored gospel. I can't wait for her to come to church next week. We have 18 investigators now and its really hard to manage them all. We have been super busy which is great! Teaching lots and thats what I love most!
Things here in the cuse are great! I love missionary work!
Love you all,
Sister Stacey

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