Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"..1. We must be bold in our belief in Jesus Christ.. 2. Be righteous examples to others.. 3. Speak up about the church!!.." - L. Tom Perry


Hello everyone,
Once again we have a wonderful General Conference and are able to hear from our beloved Apostles and Prophets. I feel so blessed to experience conference as a missionary. I don't know how to fully explain it, but its just different in a great way. I feel great to say that we got an investigator to EVERY session of General conference. I don't know how, but it was amazing. I gained a great testimony of how the Lord knows each one of us and really does care about us. I know this because each session our investigator came to was perfect for them and exactly what they needed to hear. Dwight who has been our investigators for awhile came to the Saturday morning conference. After the session we were able to have an awesome lesson with him. It was so great because during our lesson we were able to pull quotes right out of the session we just had watched. It was very powerful, I loved it! We asked Dwight what he thought about the conference. He said right before he came over to watch it, he got a bill in the mail and he was really depressed about it. He sat down and wasn't really listening at first because he was so worried about it and he looked over at us and saw us taking notes and laughing. He then said he had this overwhelming feeling of relief come over him to just forget about the bill and listen to what these people are saying. He said once he started listening he was able to learn things that helped with what he was going through. It was amazing! He was so great to hear him explain the Holy Ghost and he didn't even know. We told him that he felt the Holy Ghost. It was such a great lesson probably one that I will never forget. The spirit was so strong and I was able to pull scriptures up that applied to what he was saying. I know that the spirit was helping me for sure to remember where they were. It was amazing.
Edwin also came to two sessions of conference and the priesthood session. He loved it so much and was taking notes. It was so great to see him be so excited about it. Again the sessions he was at were perfect for him. Everything that was said I know helped him. Its just amazing how the Lord knew which one they needed to go to. I think it just backed up everyone talks yesterday about how Heavenly father really does care about us. We had another investigator come her name is Shiela. She came to the last session on Sunday. The Thursday before we had taught her the Plan of Salvation and a couple talks mentioned a lot that had to do with the Plan of Salvation. It was amazing! It was also great because she walked in with 8 of her grand kids. haha
I'm so sad that I only have one more General Conference as a missionary. Its an experience that I know I will never have again. When I listen, I listen for our investigators or less actives. I know that something said during that session will help in some way. Yesterday there were so many amazing talks. I didn't have one favorite, but many. I loved the talk given by L. Tom Perry. As members we should not be ashamed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. We must be bold! I have learned this a lot being a missionary. If I'm ashamed of my religion then no one will want to listen to me. I speak with boldness that I know this is true! This was a great talk that every member should read and work on. Another one of my favorite was given by Tad R. Callister all about the Book of Mormon. Wow was this talk powerful! I'm pretty sure that I'm going to pick apart this talk and use it in every lesson of mine. This covered a lot of typical questions people have when we tell them about the Book of Mormon. It was so great and it will be very helpful! I also loved the talk by M. Russell Ballard about the name of the church. I can understand why they keep talking about this. Its so common as a missionary when we talk to someone on the street they always ask us if we are Christian. Then I have to point to my name tag..duhh!! haha It would be so helpful for missionaries if members used our full name so everyone knows that we believe in Jesus Christ and he is the central to our message. So many amazing talks were given. I can't wait to get the ensign and read them more. We are so blessed to receive modern revelation. Don't just listen and wait for the next conference, but listen and do. I have learned that General Conference isn't just a chance to stay at home on a Sunday and have church at home. Its very special modern day revelation given to us for this time. Its amazing how blessed we are. General Conference is a way that Heavenly Father shows his love for us. He wants us to make it through and return to him so he gives us this help. We need to take advantage of it! Its so amazing!

Love you all,
Sister Stacey

pic 1: Us missionaries at conference! It was a great weekend!

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