Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Behold a Royal Army"


This week was another great week! We started the week off with a great p-day, we went to the Zoo which was so much fun! My companion woke up Tuesday with this really bad tooth ache and it wouldn't go away. We happened to be at an investigators home that night and she was telling us that about how great her dentist was. We woke up the next morning and he hadnt' gone away so we called the investigator and she took us to her dentist. It turns out that my companion has to get a root canal. It was really nice for investigator to help us out, but kind of sad that we feel closer to her then some members in our ward. I felt so bad because my companion was in so much pain and her face was really swollen. It was hard for us to teach because I could tell she was in so much pain. This week was Zone Conference and we had the privilege to hear from Elder Paul Pieper from the seventy. We met in Liverpool and we were just a small group and it was so great to have one on one time with him. He came down off the pulpit and pulled a chalkboard down and said "we have 3 hours ask me your questions" So for 3 hours we asked questions and he gave some great advice. He use to be a mission president so he knew most of the things we go through and how to answer them. One of the questions that was asked was how do we love those that are hard to love. He gave some great advice. He talked about how Christ developed love one way was through his ministry and the second was the atonement. When the Father left Christ alone to suffer for all of our sins the one thing that kept him strong was his love for all of us. The only thing he had to hold on during that time was his love for all of us. He said that he likes to picture each one of us standing in front of him at that time as he took upon each of our sins and afflictions and knew us personal and what we went through. It was a great way to picture how much the Lord really does love us and has been through what we have been through. We love others by being humble and serving others. It was a great lesson that anyone could learn not only applying to missionary work. It was so great to be able to ask him questions and hear from him. He also compared us missionaries to the song Behold a Royal Army. The leader is our mission president and we are the faithful army doing the Lords work. It was cool to picture. It was a great opportunity to get advice and be with our fellow missionaries. It was a great weekend! Earlier in the week we got a referral from mormon.org so we thought we would go contact that referrall on Sunday. We went to this guys house and he was home and seemed excited that we were there. As we started the lesson he started asking all these questions and we could tell he had done a lot of research. He had studied mormon.org awhile before he agreed to have us come over. He said he was looking for a structured conservative religion. We were very excited to teach him and the lesson went so well. He is excited to come to church the next Sunday. We gave him a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read and he told us that he will just read the whole thing by our next visit. My mouth kind of opened a little..."really?! (that never happens) He seems really sincere to want to learn and we are excited to finally get someone to the singles branch. I love teaching people my age, I can just relate to them so much better. I'm excited and I hope that he will come to church next week! Edwin is getting closer to baptism and everytime we visit him we are able to hear his sweet testimony. We watched the 20 minute restoration dvd. Afterwards he was telling us that he was excited to actually visualize what we had been teaching him. He loved the part when he saw jospeh smith get the plates and when he was sharing it with others. He felt good in his heart is what he said. He is almost done reading the book of mormon. Its always great to hear his testimony and see how he has cahnged! I love being here in Syracuse new york! I love being a missionary! I know this gospel is true! I love you all!

Sister Stacey

Picture 1-5 ZOO!!!!

Picture 6 Zone Conference!!!

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