Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded...save he shall prepare a way.." 1 Nephi 3:7

A year ago this week I landed in New York. A year ago I met my mission president and was introduced to my awesome trainer. I remember being scared out of my mind. Also wondering what I got myself into. (haha) I was in Glenville meeting all the awesome members! I do miss it there. It’s weird how fast time has gone. I’m so glad that I’m still here and going strong. I love the gospel and I love sharing it with others!
Yesterday fast and testimony meeting was very emotional. It might be my last one so I had to get up and share my testimony. Lost of people got up afterwards and it was just a great testimony meeting. Standing up their looking over everyone I realized how much I love the Syracuse ward and I'm really going to miss them all.
This week was fun. We had exchanges this week and it was my turn to go to Fayetteville. It was fun to meet other people. We had dinner with a couple from Vietnam and our dinner was very interesting. I tried to use chop sticks, but that was a failure. They had this huge home and it was like a museum of artwork from many different countries. At dinner I convinced them to go visit Jerusalem. Haha They said they were scared to go so I cleared some things up. It was fun, I love talking about Israel! We met with this older woman who is from Scotland and had the cutest Scottish accent. Exchanges were fun, but I’ve been in the Ghetto for so long it was really weird to be around big houses and normal neighborhoods. I missed Syracuse and was glad to come back to the ghetto and come back to Sister Horne. Always a good learning experience though.

Erin is doing so great! We had a lesson with her this week and committed her to baptism. She started to get teary eyed and she knew that this was what she needed to be doing. She said since she had been reading the Book of Mormon she has felt closer to her family even though they haven’t been reading it. She has been reading like crazy and I know she has felt the comfort of the Spirit as she has been reading. She is doing so great and she will for sure be baptized next transfer. It would be so awesome if I could be here for it!

We met with this Less Active sister this week and she has been to church for a month now. It’s so fun to see how much happier she has been since she has been coming to church and reading the scriptures. It’s just a great example of how the gospel truly does bring happiness. We taught the word of wisdom and were going to help her quit smoking which she really wants. So keep her in your prayers. We start next week!

This might be my last full week here in Syracuse and I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave yet. We get the calls on Saturday if I’m staying or going. I really hope that I can stay, me and Sister Horne get along great and we have been doing really well in this area. I love it here and I hope to stay!

Love from the Cuse,
Sister Stacey

Picture: Me and Sister Duncan on Exchanges in Fayetteville

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