Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"..take upon you the name of christ, all you that have entered into the covenant.." Mosiah 5:8


 This weekend was totally awesome because Erin got baptized! It was probably the one of the best baptisms of my whole mission. So many people came including her whole family. Before she got baptized they were nervous about the decision she was making. After the baptism you could tell they were so happy for her. Her dad even came up to her afterwards and said in a joking way he wishes he could have been the one to dunk her. I think they were all going to think when they came that it was going to be a really weird baptism but they were all surprised to see how normal everyone was. haha She even bore her testimony at the end and it was so sweet. It was just a beautiful baptism. Erin is so amazing and I"m so grateful to have been apart of it. Earlier this week we did see Erin and we were trying to decide on what to teach her. We thought of the talk given by Utcdorf at the last Relief Society conference about the forget me not's. We read it and then went to the Relief Society birthday party activity and thats what it was on. I think the spirit had a hand in that. When she came she prepared for the lesson. She is just amazing! After her baptism I just want to find more people as prepared as she was. I think we are going to focus really hard right now with working with the members. Member referrals are the way to go and that is how people stay active and become future Relief Society presidents. Erin will be a relief society president some day. It was just a great weekend! I'm very excited for General Conference! Counting down the days! Hope you all enjoy conference!

 Love you from the cuse,

 Sister Stacey

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