Monday, April 2, 2012

"Are you a mormon?" "No." "Well you should be!" (L Tom Perry talk)


CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING! I just love conference so much and it's so sad that it was my last one as a missionary. I don't know how to explain it, but its just different as a missionary. This week I'm just going to write some of my favorites from conference.

It seemed like there were a lot of talks about raising a family. I don't have a family of my own so I tried to relate the talks as much to me as possible. So whenever they would talk about raising kids I would act as if my investigators were my kids. haha A great example of this was Larry Y Wilson's talk about unrighteous dominion. I can't force my investigators to do the right things. I have to show them the way and let them make their own choices as hard as it can be at times. So I thought that was cool. Donal Hallstorm did a great talk about how its possible to be active in the church, but not in the gospel. I think we can all easily fall into this trap and we should be careful to be active in the gospel.

In Dallin H. Oaks talk he mentioned sacrifice which was amazing. I felt pretty good that I had already made the sacrifice to come on a mission. I laughed so hard at the part when someone ask him how they get the young people to go on a mission and the Prophet said "well we just ask them" That was funny! Sacrifices truly do bring forth blessings and I have seen that on my mission. I sacrificed a lot to come, but the blessings that have come.. I would never change it for the world.

There were a lot of great talks on forgiveness which is great for everyone to hear. I laughed a lot when he said "STOP IT" Wow is it really that easy?! I guess it is! I thought that was funny because we don't realize how easy it is to really just forgive and forget. What a great talk.

The Prophet gave an amazing talk on the plan of salvation and I think this is a great tool to give to our friends who have asked us.. "where were we before we came to earth?, What is the purpose of life." I encourage everyone to give this to someone who has once asked them those questions. Such a great talk! Maybe i should just give that talk to our investigators instead of me teaching the Plan of Salvation. haha

The last thing that I loved was the talk by David F. Evans. He told a great story about two friends and one was preparing to go on a mission. All the work his friends had done for one person and at the end he was asked if it was all worth it. I think in the church when we are trying to work with Less actives to come back to church or inviting friends to church activities we should remember this talk. Its worth it, its worth them living with their family and heavenly father forever. I think this gave me encouragement to never give up with people and its always worth the effort even if we dont' see the immediate result right now. I loved that!

I'm so grateful for modern day prophets and apostles to give us guidance on the earth today. We are so lucky! I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did!

Love from the cuse,

Sister Stacey

Pic: Lizzie and I at FHE. She is awesome!

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