Monday, April 23, 2012


     So we got transfer calls on Saturday and I was stressed all day wondering where I was going to go. I saw my mission president earlier this week and he asked me where I wanted to go and I said"lake placid" He said that he wanted me to experience a branch and that he was thinking about me going to Bennington Vermont as well. So all week I was trying to guess if I was going to Vermont or Lake Placid. One morning I went to get dressed and my dresser drawer was loose so I pulled it out to fix it and I saw a t-shirt shoved in the back corner. I pulled it out and sure enough on the shirt it said Lake Placid! I screamed "I'm going to Lake Placid its totally a sign!" haha Sure enough we get transfer calls and I found out I'm going to LAKE PLACID! I'm so excited because this is where I wanted to go. I really wanted to experience a branch. I'm so excited to be back in nature. The Adironacks is I think the largest national forest in the United states. Also Lake Placid is where the Olympics were. So I'm way excited! My new companion will be a sister that served in an area that's close to mine so I already know her. Things are good.
  Sunday was really hard saying goodbye to people. I've been here so long I've forgotten how to say goodbye and how to pack. I haven't moved in so long its so weird and I'm sure it won't hit me until my first night in lake placid and I'm no longer in Syracuse. This place has truly become my home and the people have become my family. Its going to be most hard to say goodbye to the Sampsons and the Statons tomorrow night..tears might be shed. I tell everyone see ya later because I know that I will be back. We said goodbye to one of my favorite investigators Ryla and we were praying and she added in at the end of the prayer saying "Please help sister stacey in her next area and when she has a hard day let her remember that her effort was not wasted here with me." It was so cute and made me feel so good about leaving. This is the longest I have lived in one area with out moving since I graduated high school. This will be a really hard move, but I know the Lord is with me. Change is hard, but its always good in the long run. If I never experienced change then I would have never come to Syracuse and met all these amazing people! I have loved my time here and the people will be missed!
    I hope you all had a great week as well. Next time you hear from me I will be up north!

Love from the cuse,
                       Sister Stacey

First 2:  Saying goodbyes to my favorite people
Second 2: District meeting
Last: Saying goodbyes

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