Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow in Syracuse! Finally!

It was another great week here in Syracuse we taught 19 lessons and again I'm always so tired! I guess it's all part of the experience. Andrew is doing really good and we are still planning his baptism for the 28th. We have been doing really well at bringing different members to his lessons so he can get to know more people. Things have been going really well!
Also this Sunday Dwight got the priesthood and we slipped into priesthood so I could hear the blessing. I feel like he is my child all grown up and moving on all on his own. haha It was really exciting to be there and he was so happy and it's just amazing to hear those blessings. I know that Heavenly Father is so aware of each and every one of us. I love the priesthood some of the stuff said in the Blessing I knew that the person giving the blessing would have not known some of the stuff Dwight has gone through. The power of the priesthood is seriously amazing! I love it so much! Dwight also started his Family History this week because he is going to the temple this weekend. I"m so excited! When I see my recent converts make it to the temple that's when its all worth it. That's when I can forget about those hard days and realize that this is what its all about. I'll never forget it.
We have been teaching Samantha the 11 year old. Her other brother is a member and she really wants to get baptized. We want to make sure she is committed. Our lessons are awesome though we try to always include a visual. Its always so fun to teach her it makes me excited to be a teacher.
It finally snowed and WOW is it cold or what. I'm not use to the humidity cold and it really gets to you. The first real snow storm, and it didn't hit till the end of January. Its kind of funny and people here are freaking out that the first storm is now.
Well I don't have too much time. Things are going well! I love being here! Sister Horne and I are doing well and teaching lots!

Love from Syracuse,

Sister Stacey

Pictures: Ice Skating again! Were obsessed!
It finally snowed, but now its really cold!

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