Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"...They had searched the scriptures diligently that they might know the word of God" Alma 17:2

I hope everyone had a great week! Our week wasn't as amazing as last week, but we are working hard. Tuesday we only taught one lesson and we just kept trying people all day long. No one was home, but we did find some potentials. We had a great lesson with one of our investigators Andrew. He is 19 and is living at a members home right now. We were trying to figure out who to bring to the lesson and thought of Ana, this girl we meet with, she is 18 and is less active. We called her and asked if she would ever like to come teaching with us. She said she would love to. So we went and picked her up and took her to the lesson with us. I really think the spirit inspires who we should bring if we really listen to the spirit. The lesson went so perfect and Ana was able to share a really spiritual experience. It really helped our investigator. I think afterwards she was really happy she came and she had an opportunity to share her testimony which she probably doesn't get the chance to do. I like taking Less actives to lessons with me because it helps them remember why they joined the church in the first place. It was such a great experience I don't know if it was better for Ana or our investigator. haha I'm so happy we brought her.
We also had a great lesson with Sandy one of our investigators. She has piercings and stuff and we were nervous to talk to her about it. Then we went to a lesson with her and she flat out asked us "ok what can I do and what can't I do, can I have these piercings?" We explained things a little bit and she was like ok I'll take it out. Its amazing to see how faithful people are to the Lord and his commandments. It was a great experiences for Sister Horne and I.
Well from what I have heard around here Syracuse is the number one snow city in America and it has maybe snowed like 3 times. Its so strange and everyone around here keeps telling us to "just wait!" So well see if we get to see a crazy winter. Hey I'm not complaining.. snow isn't a missionaries best friend.
I have been reading in Alma and I really like the verses in chapter 17 verse 2&3. Its talking about how the sons of Mosiah and Alma study the scriptures diligently and after they study they are led by the spirit to teach people. This can apply to missionaries, but to all of you as well. If you study the Book of Mormon and know it well when you are asked questions about it the Spirit will help you answer those questions. The spirit will guide you in what you can say. This is something I have learned as a missionary. The more I'm familiar with the Book of Mormon the more I can help people and address their concerns by using the Book of Mormon. It can be so powerful!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love from Syracuse,
Sister Stacey

Picture: I know its so weird but I LOVE the grave yards here! This is a tombstone.. its so big!

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