Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." D&C 6:36


Another great week here in Lake Placid. This week was busy which is always a good thing. My mission president encouraged me to visit with all the less active members in the ward before I leave Lake Placid. So we have started that and it's been hard. Some people don't want to have anything to do with the church so it will be a challenge. I have always had a love for less actives and I know the Lord is still aware of them and I hope that I can help in someway in bringing them closer to Christ.

We had exchanges this weekend. The closest sisters are in Benninghton Vermont and Glenville. So we all met up in Glens Falls and did a three way exchange which was so much fun. Sister Howick came with me to Lake Placid. She is from Salt Lake and she loved seeing all the Olympic stuff, reminded her of home. I love exchanges because they help us grow even more. Sometimes you express things you want to work on and that person is there to help you. Its a growing experience. It was also fun to see Sister Gifford again. (we served in Syracuse together) The next day we all met up again and went to dinner. I was really excited to see the Glenville sisters and get updates of my first area. I was probably really annoying to all the other sisters with all my questions, but I just love those people so much. I'm hoping next transfer I can go to Glenville for exchanges. I think I might cry when I see people again. Its going to be like I'm going home.

We are still trying to find. Our prayers were answered and we got a member referral and the members came with us last night and we were able to pick her up as a new investigator. So we are excited about that. Things are turning around. Hope you all have a great week!

Love you,

Sister Stacey

Picture 1: All the Sisters that went on Exchanges

Pic 2: We went Mini Golfing for Memorial Day (So fun!)

Picture 3: Ok so we went to our investigators like usual on Sunday night and we walked around the corner and her boyfriend was just cutting her hair. He had no idea what he was doing.. I was dying. (her hair use to be as long as mine) So I asked if I could take over.. I did pretty good not gonna lie. It was funny! (yeah just some of the random things that happen as a missionary!) haha

Pic 4 5: Some of the beauties of Lake Placid! I love living here!

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