Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"...they had given themselves to much prayer, and fasting; therefore they had the spirit of prophesy, and revelation, and when they taught, they taught with the power and authority of god." Alma 17:3


This week has been better and the more people I meet the more comfortable I get with the area. This week at district meeting we tried to focus on bettering ourselves in someway. Our mission has been struggling at finding new investigators. So on Saturday we started a mission wide 24 hour fast. Our goal as a mission is to find 2 new investigators a week. So Saturday we started our fast as a companionship and it was amazing to see the blessings already coming from it. That night we went to see a potential investigator and he happened to be home and we taught the plan of salvation and we picked him up as a new investigator. Later that evening we were walking down the street talking to people and one of the people we stopped to talk to was excited to hear our message and she gave us her information. We were already seeing the blessings. The next day was Sunday which was our District Conference which is held in Potsdam. We had a member from the Odgensburg branch give us a referral as well as another member from our branch give us a referral. We seriously couldn't believe it. The blessings from our fast was just coming from every direction! This experience has really strengthened my testimony of the power of fasting and praying. Fasting really does work! I hope that we can find two new investigators this week. Keep me in your prayers!

Love from Lake Placid,

Sister Stacey ps. I forgot to talk about the pictures

Last p-day we had some extra miles so we decided to explore our area. We found out that we have the North Pole in our area. There is literally a place called Santa's Workshop. Sadly it doesn't open until the end of June so we just to pictures. So cool?! We drove around Lake Placid taking random pictures! So fun!

My new address:

319 Old Military Road Apt. 2
Lake Placid NY 12946

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